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The Shack Revisited

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I just watched the first episode of this talk by Paul Young and C. Baxter Kruger called Revisiting the Shack (video below). Jesus says the Truth will set us free:

“If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

What do you think of the following statement: “The Bible is true in ways that many self proclaimed evangelicals have a hard time accepting”.

You will be persecuted for believing the Bible. I believe that I could repeat something that Jesus said that will leave most of you calling me a heretic… for simply quoting Jesus!!! I know this because I have heard people tell me this.

Check out the following videos. You watch movies or t.v. right? I suggest making this your new show to watch for a awhile:

further reading:

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Jesus said, “My Blood”

I had an experience the other night. I know it wasn’t a dream but a real spiritual experience.

(I must say at this point that there is nothing more potentially deceptive than an “experience”. People could end up with the worst kind of theology based on their experience… that is, if they don’t have the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth and will lead you into all Truth (Yeshua – see Jn 14:6). Perfect theology is found in Jesus Christ who is the Word of God.)

My experience:

Jesus appeared and was granting me a gift. A greater awareness of the presence of God in me. I then suddenly became aware of a very nasty and angry evil spirit (demon?) who was quite upset about being displaced. He seemed to have jumped out of me. The spirit went on to demand his perceived rights to me. He thought he had a pretty good case. After all, there were reasons he was around afflicting me as much as he did anyway.

(How my previous day went: Total confusion, I could not accomplish anything. I had no direction and purpose. No clarity. I felt stuck. I wasted my whole day and this seemed like it would just go on like this and affect the rest of my life until I stood before God on judgement day ashamed of how “owned” by the devil I had lived my life. Just like the man who buried his talent and now just had that single muddy coin to give back to God. Now this evil spirit wanted to keep it that way.)

I perceived that Jesus held out his hand palm out to this evil spirit and said two words:

“My blood.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.26.03 PMThat was my victory. His blood is the pure Mercy of God and my salvation. I felt the Presence of God swell within me and the darkness driven back. I know God was responding to my prayers and setting me free from my wandering in futility.

I went on to play a pretty good concert the next day and even shared the experience as well as a few songs about the blood of Jesus and his love for us.

I shared the song How He Loves. That song moved me to tears the first time I heard Kim Walker from Jesus Culture sing it. I had to listen to it over and over and wept every time.

I highlighted that wonderful phrase, “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss…” from the song and talked about my little boy.

Elijah is four months old now and, while he is not a drooly baby, he often impersonates one. I can’t help but smother his little face with kisses whenever we are in proximity. So yea, I am familiar with the sloppy wet kiss.

You can be sure that God can’t help but smother your face with kisses too. God loves all his babies!

I took the kids to the park later and a swarm of little children soon came and hung around us. They thought my trick on the high bar was pretty cool and I spent time showing them other tricks and “parkour moves” and pushed them on the swings.

Then we started talking about Jesus and I shared with them a few of the basics about who Jesus was and what he did for us. One young man of about 10 years old wanted to know more and I told him that he could have a relationship with God himself and why not ask for one? I led him in a simple prayer to receive Jesus and gave him a Gospel of John I found in the car. I think one of the selling points was that Jesus protects us from bad dreams and demons. I told them my story from the night before.

“You can really hear Jesus for yourself, like he talks to you?” Collin asked

“Yes, Jesus said in John 10 that my sheep hear my voice and you are his sheep now that you believe in him so you will hear his voice too.” I replied.

So please pray for Collin and all the other kids who heard about Jesus yesterday will you? And I have one question for you: Do you believe that He loves you?

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Teleportation, Transrelocation, Translation?

A few weeks ago I decided to see what Youtube has about Teleportation as a Christian. I have written a few times on this before. Here is a list of testimonies for your perusal of the miracle of teleportation (also known as trans-relocation or translation):

I am wondering if this has ever happened to you? Please contact me!!!

Dr Bruce Allen

Patricia King:

Joshua Mills:

This was a fun story about a guy who travels to Peru:

Bruce Allen:

Ian Clayton:

Ian is so right when he says that people are afraid to share because of the persecution that comes from the unbelieving believers.

Sid Roth Interview testimony: https://youtu.be/G60tsWBx2xY?t=19m

I have yet to watch all of this:

Don’t forget to Check out:

Here is an amazing account of John G Lake a highly respected and anointed minister of God experiencing this at least 3 times in this free ebook: Adventures in God)

One final blog on the subject for those who want to learn how to teleport: How to Teleport

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God speaks to us through dreams

do what Jesus did robby dawkins

Click ME! Do it. Jesus would.

I was reading Robby Dawkins book, “Do What Jesus Did” at the coffee shop today. Reading through his stories makes me laugh and cry. The most recent story was how God sometimes gives us pictures to share with those we are praying with. He told of a woman who was skeptical of God and church and didn’t know if it was a safe place to let her guard down. (I suppose some churches are and some aren’t.)

Robby and another lady were praying for this woman and the lady praying got a picture of a jack-in-the-box on a mantel and something about playing it over and over. So she took the courage to share that with her. The woman hung her head and started to cry. She told of how when her parents used to fight really bad, she would go to a neighbors house and take their jack-in-the-box off the mantel and play with it over and over and it made her feel safe. She said, “I think God is telling me that it is safe here.” She came to Jesus and opened her heart to the love of God!

This story made me cry because God knows every detail of our lives and he cares… deeply. Jesus is a safe place. You can let your guard down around him and around those who truly know him.

Sometimes I haven’t felt so safe or loved or valued in “church”. You know what I mean? A dream helped me define how I sometimes feel:

I was part of a play but I had no lines, so I wrote some lines that I thought would fit perfectly and complimented the scene. My lines were relating a dream about the events in the play. During rehearsal as they read over my included part they said, “who wrote this? This is crap! This doesn’t belong in this play.”

Then I was shown a house. It was fully completed. I was an extra part of the house (like an appendix) and didn’t seem to fit anywhere. I was represented by a cubed rectangle object with a cone coming off of it. “What is this? Where can we fit this?” Someone said, “Perhaps up here on the roof? Wow that looks weird.”

Here is the lie:

I don’t fit. The stuff I’m into and believe and think is cool from the Bible just doesn’t belong in the established way of things. My part doesn’t fit in the ongoing play. The church doesn’t need a fifth wheel.

Of course I know I am exactly who God has made me to be and I fit perfectly in his kingdom right where he puts me. I am fully secure in the fact that he accepts me and has made me a masterpiece to show a unique side of him… as we all do!

Then I had another dream:

I was with Jesus the carpenter and I was a peice of wood. I told him, “I suppose you can use me to light a fire or something.” He told me, “This is more of what I had in mind”. He showed me a picture of a flamed maple table top. Wow!

I once told a pastor, “If this thing (church) is fake and not for real people (who are sometimes weird like me) I don’t want it. I want the real thing.”

Of course I know the church – the true body of Christ – welcomes all the different and unique parts and functions that make up Christ’s body. I want that! I have experienced this and if you have experienced it for yourself, you would desperately want more of this too!

There is a place for you. You fit with Jesus. You belong in his family! In fact, your role is vital. There is an emptiness in our hearts until you are with us, healthy and holy, functioning and contributing as you should in the real way you do.

You are His masterpiece!

The real body of Christ is everywhere. It is organic and living and breathing. It’s in the relationships and friendships you form with other believers. It’s also in the gifted and anointed preachers, teachers, and worship leaders, or in the healers and miracle workers and prophetic intercessors that God uses. You have gifts (“superpowers”) too! You can speak into people’s lives like the woman did who had that prophetic word that I began this blog with! God will use you to grow His kingdom of Love.

Are you in?

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William Paul Young, and His New Novel “Eve”

I love William Paul Young. I must say I enjoyed reading the Shack immensely and his other book Crossroads as well. I’m glad to have read his new release Eve as well. He is an insightful and poetic soul.

I just watched his story and Yes, it’s worth your time:

I have tremendous compassion and love for Paul (I think that’s what he goes by) and have watched many interviews of him. I have a “kindred spirt” feeling for him. We’ve been down a similar road. I know Jesus loves him SO much.

Regarding the Shack

He wrote the Shack as a novel for his kids… only his kids… to relate to them his personal relationship with God and how loving and gentle and powerful and wise God is. God is the one who promoted his book as if to say, look what my boy wrote! I’m SO proud of him!

Like Papa, his heart is for all the lost and missing sons and daughters of God. To leave the ninety nine and go after the one. To go to any length to bring home the prodigal and lavish them with a relationship of relentless affection.

He wrote the book in the way he did to circumnavigate the many triggers and negative responses the world has to ideas about God. I think this was the wisdom of God at work in HIS rescue operation for all his lost kids.

That is how I see it, and may God continue to use it and Paul to reach a lost world for Christ and back to the heart of our loving heavenly Papa.

Click here to read my review of Cross Roads


I have to admit it. I really do like William Paul Young! Yes, I even enjoyed his book The Shack, and I enjoyed immensely his latest book Cross Roads. I thank God for Paul Young. He is a gift to the human race. Could it be that God thought so much of his son Paul and his book that he said, “I want the world to read this! I want the world to hear his heart! I am so proud of my boy! I am especially fond of him!”

Sadly, I know I will get flack for standing with my brother Paul Young. I know many of my Christian friends think he is a heretic. I think many of my Christian friends need to repent for passing judgement on a fellow brother working in such a creative way to reunite God’s lost kids to their heartsick Papa. That’s what I think.

After reading Cross Roads, I went down stairs and picked up the Bible to see if the same relational unconditional-love-filled God that William Young writes about in his books is the same God that the apostle Paul presents…

Click here to read More!

And now, to comment on his latest novel Eve:

Over the past couple of days I read William Paul Young’s book entitled Eve. What do I even say?

I know that those who are bound by a religious spirit will hate it.

I was talking with a friend today about the religious spirit. What else can we call it? Legalism? Self Righteousness? Performance mentality Christianity ‘better have all your doctrine straight and theological ducks in a row or you’re a damned and doomed outcast’ religion! You get the picture?

I told my friend that all the while I am hanging out with someone who has this demonic stronghold (this shadow sickness) I realize that there is something inside of them that hates me. It’s only a matter of time until they turn on me. Reject me. Hate me. Curse me.

I used to be bound by these demons of religion too. I grew to hate this demon. I want to wage war on this demon of religion. I want everyone to see it for what it is and hate it too! In fact I remember having a dream awhile back in which people would come to church and these religion demons would swoop down upon the people entering to poison their minds. Yes, I truly believe this happens to far too many Christians. You and I both know this is true.

(PLEASE HEAR THIS! It must be said that this doesn’t mean we hate any other infected human being. Our fight is not with flesh and blood.

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

It is SO wrong to go around judging people as having a religious spirit as well – “judging the judgers”. This is NOT helpful to anyone, leastwise you. Instead we will choose to forgive those who are afflicted because we too are so often afflicted. The older brother sometimes lives in us too! Of course I’m referring to the prodigal son story. The older brother judged the younger and refused to celebrate his return but instead harbored his jealous grudge. He didn’t know the Father even though he remained “faithful” and didn’t “stray”. But did he know Papa’s heart? Didn’t his heart stray just as far if not farther than his clearly wayward prodigal brother?

We all struggle with self righteous judgement of others. The disease is widespread. So widespread that there is… no one(?)… who is not afflicted at one time or another. To forgive and have compassion on them is to forgive and have compassion on yourself! I was reminded recently how God treats the older brother. Papa goes out and gently and lovingly invites them to join the grace party. May we do the same!)

Young calls to our attention that this spirit of religion comes from eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, instead of the tree of life.

I have been under a great deal of stress lately as I have realized that I often engage in the same nonsense. I try to war against this evil spirit of religion by using this same “knowledge of good and evil” as my foundation. Unintentionally I enflame and further entrench those who are bound to this disease. I make it all the worse by my efforts to dismantle it. Reminds me of Moses when he tried to save the Israelites by murdering an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew.

Alright Jesus, let’s do this your way. (May we all say this genuinely from our hearts) Enough of the ego. I say “Enough” to the bully of my pride. Jesus come and have your way. Forgive me LORD. Forgive me all the people I have taunted and incited to rage (even by this post).

So… will we realize our profound and arrogant error by pursuing being “right” over love and begin instead to humbly eat from the tree of life? I want to. I choose to now!

Jesus is the tree of life.

Relationship is the tree of life.

How can we do such a thing? To eat from the tree of life? Well Jesus says I can if I have a change of mind and heart (ie. “repent”) and overcome… and I’m told the secret to overcoming is simply to Trust!

The context of Christ’s words in Revelation 2 is that we re-turn to our first love! (Incidentally this is what Young’s book Eve is all about!)

His novel is the story of a fictitious symbolic woman Lilly who gets to observe and even participate in our common history, Adam and Eve, our very first parents in whom every one of us existed in the garden, in Eden, the paradise of God. Wow! What a story. You’ll have to read it for yourself.

May we each take the time to seek God and ask him to restore us to our first love. May we all re-turn our faces toward the One who has never had a shadow of turning from us.

“Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.” – James 1:17

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