Teleportation, Transrelocation, Translation?

A few weeks ago I decided to see what Youtube has about Teleportation as a Christian. I have written a few times on this before. Here is a list of testimonies for your perusal of the miracle of teleportation (also known as trans-relocation or translation):

I am wondering if this has ever happened to you? Please contact me!!!

Dr Bruce Allen

Patricia King:

Joshua Mills:

This was a fun story about a guy who travels to Peru:

Bruce Allen:

Ian Clayton:

Ian is so right when he says that people are afraid to share because of the persecution that comes from the unbelieving believers.

Sid Roth Interview testimony:

I have yet to watch all of this:

Don’t forget to Check out:

Here is an amazing account of John G Lake a highly respected and anointed minister of God experiencing this at least 3 times in this free ebook: Adventures in God)

One final blog on the subject for those who want to learn how to teleport: How to Teleport

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6 thoughts on “Teleportation, Transrelocation, Translation?

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  6. I have had this since I was a child,I recently had dreams now of being in one place and suddenly in another,I never understood it all ,until I read stories today in the bible,I always asked God for yrs what will I do in your kingdom,for decades I have asked only to become discouraged, That I have no place,I’m wondering now is this it Lord? I’m 64 and only now beginning to see things clear,I once had a word over my life that the ministry God called me to will be unusual and it will be way in the future,I keep waiting as I get older and older,could this be it? Why did I have so many encounters? Why did he tell me to go to certain places,Why did I see so much why me Lord,who am I ,Im beginning to see things clear now,Im here Lord send me.

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