How to Teleport

I hope you enjoy this thorough explanation of how to teleport from my daughter Ellie. We were talking as a family today in the car about how this is real thing, not only just as recorded in the Bible, but also how believers in Jesus Christ have experienced this phenomenon as the Lord wills. One such example is Joshua Mills. Enjoy this following video:


I woke up the next morning after posting this asking myself a very basic question… prompted by the Lord.

Why do you believe Joshua Mills?

Why do I believe that the gold dust that appears on him sometimes when he preaches isn’t part of some sage magicians trick? Why should we believe any of his crazy stories?

Honestly, I don’t know if I should. But it doesn’t matter. I believe in miracles revealed in Scripture. Since teleportation and other spiritual phenomenon are recorded in the Scriptures, why would it be difficult for any to believe that anything we read about in the Bible can happen today?

I have researched Joshua Mills and find him to be, as near as I can tell, an honest and sincere believer and proclaimer of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has a history as a worship leader. I can respect that and the weight of his testimony. I believe the above story and the many other stories he has shared because I want to trust that he is telling the truth. The only thing that has caused me to doubt him is his heavy handed way of taking an offering. It felt like a big money grab and his message was mostly a sales pitch for his book.

It’s crazy that my blog post, Teleportation and Spirit Travel for Christians has become my most popular post! If you want to learn more about what the Bible has to say on the topic, check it out!

Happy teleporting! LOL!

Don’t forget to Check out: Teleportation and Spirit Travel in the BibleTeleportation and Spirit Travel Part Two! and also: Teleportation and Spirit Travel Part 3 – Here are some testimonies from other believers who have experienced this: Personal Testimonies – and an amazing account of John G Lake a highly respected and anointed minister of God experiencing this at least 3 times in this free ebook: Adventures in God)

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6 thoughts on “How to Teleport

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  4. Maame

    I don’t think teleporting must be thought….hence the topic How to teleport makes me wonder!!if it happened to the people of old in Christ Jesus by the will of God we must not begin to explore how to do it ..I think that is wrong..and that is new age

    • Thanks for your opinion. As you can see, This post is mostly a joke. But as you can also see, it is something Christians experience when God wills it.

  5. Niyi

    Good teaching David. You have helped many seeking for more thoughts and scriptural clarity on this area. Many teachers/ministers in the Church are either ignorant of or fear to teach on this topic. Few, some of whom you have posted about on your blog, have spoken out fearlessly about it. Like you quoted earlier, “Ships are safer in the dock, but that is not what they were meant for”. As long as it is backed with rightly divided scripture, we should not fear to sail or explore new or uncharted waters. Thats how some Europeans discovered the Americas (of cause the native of the land were already there LOL), and how nations sent men to the moon. Wake up Church, we need to explore and exploit for God all that Jesus died to give us to use here on the earth. We are not cowards, we belong to the tribe of Judah.

    In Africa, some of our forefathers and even some people in the present, knew how to teleport/translate (spirit, soul, and body) from one location on earth/space to another. Note, they did this both by evoking devils and at will (chosen to do it when they wanted). They did not always wait for the evil spirits they worshipped to lead them into it, but evoked the spirits involved into action when they needed to teleport. They used it to travel longer distances, defend themselves from danger, etc. Today few still have the secrets to it and do use it at will. If those in the occult/satanism can evoke it at will, then that is the next level coming to the church. We will discover by God’s Holy Spirit the secrets to activating the mighty hand of God to do it and go even beyond them. During the Azuza out pouring of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the people would tarry for God to come at His own will and get them baptised in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Some tarried for weeks, months, and even years, God bless their sincere hearts as pioneers. But not so today, because standing on their shoulders of labour, we have discovered truths in the scriptures that enable us to move in faith and evoke God’s hand to get people filled with the Holy Ghost in seconds and at will. We don’t need to tarry any more for it, because some man or woman discovered truths that when applied in simple faith can cause a willing and desirous person to get Holy Spirit filled immediately with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It is happening already.

    There is no way my forefathers who worshiped the devil are going to work in greater dimension of the supernatural than I who walks with the true and only God. I am not competing, but those in the enemies camp have to know that there is a dimension of the supernatural that the Church walk in, which they don’t touch. Its one of the ways that God uses (together with love, the word, etc, yeah we know that) to minister to some of those deep in occultism. This is partly why God allowed/permitted Moses to stay longer in Egypt developing his priestly ministry and covering, and demonstrating God’s supernatural power till the magicians of Pharaoh could not do what Moses God could do. When you live amongst those who practice occultic arts you will understand why the Church needs to pull up their socks in this areas of the supernatural. Wake up Church and stop being fearful. Just put the right checks and balances in place by proving all experiences and manifestations with the rightly divided word of God (2 Timothy 2:15, Romans 12:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22, & 1 John 4:1), and then sail your ship on a heavenly adventure on earth. Lets not get to heaven or the new earth to come and discover we failed to unlock any potential of God within us while we lived on this present earth. Lets both explore and exploit God’s potential and inheritance, for Kingdom advancement and exploits, without cowardly fear. We are a fearless bunch/generation. Anyway, all this to say weldone David.

    A few things may need to be scripturally balanced in your blog. Like the issue of human spirits of dead people roaming around as ghosts and making contact with people (if i did not misinterpret what you wrote). That one is not scripturally true, as these are devils going round deceiving people. The witch who supposedly conjured prophet Samuel’s spirit for king Saul, was working with familiar spirits as explicitly stated in 1 Samuel 28:7-8. Furthermore in 1 Samuel 28:13 she said she saw gods or better put, devils, coming out from the ground, and it is these devils as familiar spirits who deceived her and king Saul. Remember that even Apostle Paul in Acts 16:16-18 was told some form of truths about himself and Silas by a young lady with familiar spirits, and this did not mean she was speaking from God. In fact Paul cast out the familiar spirit at work in her. The spirits of dead people who didn’t get to know Jesus Christ are locked away till the time of the great white throne judgment, and it is only the spirits of those born again in Christ who are now with God that can sometimes be sent as messengers/angels to minister on God’s behalf (Revelations 19:10 & Revelations 22:8-9 – the angel/messenger was not a cherubim or seraphim but a brother saved by grace and one of the prophets). Sometimes God can even send the living saints as messengers too as you already said.

    But in all, your blog on the topic of teleporting and spirit travel was a great one. Thanks for obeying God and being fearless. Men will one day in the near future learn to make machines that help people teleport by dematerialising them and then re-materialising them in their desired location. So we better explore this area first. Maybe some believers in Christ and using the mind of Christ would then be the scientists who create such machines. One day, the transport system the way we know it today would be archaic and similar to how we see the telegraph machines and gramophones of old today. People will only drive or fly vehicles for pleasure and not for necessity. Let the saints chart and pioneer the way forward.

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