Adventures in God (John G. Lake)

“A new light dawned in our souls. The church had diligently taught us that the days of miracles had passed; and believing this, eight members of the family had been permitted to die. But, now, with the light of truth flashing in our hearts, we saw that as a lie, no doubt invented by the devil and diligently heralded as truth by the church, thus robbing mankind of its rightful inheritance through the blood of Jesus…”

First an introduction to John G Lake:

John wrote this after praying with great frustration for his dying wife. He threw his Bible down of a coffee table and it opened to this:

“God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.” (Acts 10:38)

John writes:

“Like a flash from the blue, these words pierced my heart: Oppressed of the devil! So, God was not the author of sickness! And the people whom Jesus healed had not been made sick by God!”

Then he “read the words of Jesus in Luke 13 16: “Ought not this woman . . . whom SATAN HATH B0UND, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond?” Once again Jesus attributed sickness to the devil.What a faith sprang up in my heart! What a flame of knowledge concerning the Word of God and the ministry of Jesus went over my soul! I saw as never before why Jesus healed the sick: He was doing the will of His Father; and in doing His father’s will, He was destroying the works of the devil. Hebrews 2 14.”

After John read the above Scripture, he and friends prayed with faith for his dying wife. She was miraculously healed as the power of God came upon her. She got up and said, “Praise God! I am healed!”

So began John G Lakes healing ministry. People heard of their story and flocked to have him pray for them too! God kept increasing his faith and the many strange unusual miracles. =)

I just read his public domain book I found online, Adventures in God by John G Lake. You can read it and download it HERE off my own website! (you can also have a robotic voiced man read it on youtube HERE)

If you are anything like me this book will captivate you right from the start and you won’t be able to stop until you are done. Consider sharing this with someone you think will be interested!

Who is hungry for more of God? Paul encourages us to earnestly desire spiritual gifts. Healing and miracles and miraculously speaking other languages are part of this gift. (You’ll be amazed at some of the miracles God does in John’s life!) We must be holy if we are to experience any of it however. You must repent of your sins! Receive God’s forgiveness and walk in purity. Being holy means to be ALL his! Wholly surrendered! The Holy Spirit takes care of the rest! Seek the Lord… before it is too late. (I have been often reminded of Jesus parable of the ten virgins!) The more you say no or not now, the more you say “yes” to the enemy. What will it be?


“Seek the LORD while you can find him.
Call on him now while he is near.
Let the wicked change their ways
and banish the very thought of doing wrong.
Let them turn to the LORD that he may have mercy on them.
Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously.” Isaiah 55:6-7 NLT

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12 thoughts on “Adventures in God (John G. Lake)

  1. Amen. Awesome book. Everyone who has questions about God’s will on healing should read it. I’ve read most of John G. Lake’s stuff. He totally changed my view of healing several years ago. Another good book is from a contemporary of John G. Lake’s. F.F. Bosworth wrote a classic on healing titled, “Christ Our Healer.” Blessings.

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  9. Earl Thurner

    Well, I visited the healing rooms in Spokane years after they were closed after a minister friend of mine asked me to swing by and to be honest all I wanted to do was have a spaghetti meal, it was a long drive from Seattle. I went in respect, the door was open, the elevator worked and even though the building was not occupied we went up the elevator. When I got out, I walked down a narrow hall, turned the corner and in a moment the Spirit of God came upon me and I slumped down the wall and sat on the floor stuck to it being overcome by the presence of God. I remember thinking, “the anointing that was in this place is still here today”. Of course I read the book then and others by Lake and just recently took 100 missionaries from 7 states, 7 ministries and a New Zealand media crew down the Amazon River in Peru on a slow boat for sure. Visiting small villages, we saw 1,400 miracles of healing through the hands of people, some who were taught healing is not for today. blessings, earl

  10. Patrick Okpe Adah

    Wow, awesome. Its inspiring reading the work of John G Lake. Thank God for you. Please, do you have the one on baptism in the Holy Spirit, etc? Thank you

  11. Earl Thurner

    You can find other writings along those lines….here is one thought for these times…..while praying for a cure for a virus, and believers doing this, the words of Jesus, “ye shall do greater works than these”, must have a place in the passions of believers also. Elisha wanted a double portion of the spirit on Elijah not to do double the miracles but because he knew that in Israel there were prophets and other leaders who were fine with a message with no divine display of Gods power, love and healing that one man Elijah was demonstrating along with the message. Elijah leaves, God leaves, the God that shows up that is. He could not leave the people of God in their pain, suffering, sickness, sighing and hurt but wanted a real God who invaded the impossible to touch them with His love. I was asked to pray for a Nicaraguan pastor in Miami, he was originally from Cuba, got saved in Nicaragua and was pretty much going down with this virus….today I heard he was moving from 30% use of breathing machine, having gone down from higher to coming off it ….the inflammation also disappearing….I did not have time to pray for a cure, he needed a now miracle, I am just a believer and everyone has the same size Jesus in them ready to get out and bring His world into situations…..this is the time to go after after disease, virus, sickness and see Jesus heal as never before..

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