Piano Tuning

“Raise Your Frequency Piano Tuning”

Looking for a piano tuner near the Appleton area in Northeast Wisconsin?

I’m pleased to announce that I tune pianos! I have been tuning pianos since 2017.

Price: $100 for a tuning, $50 extra for a pitch raise

Contact me to set up an appointment:


“Wonderful job! Great price too. Very pleased. Thank you!” -Dean

“Sounds good! I’m not used to a piano that’s in tune!” -Katrina

Care Tips for your Piano:

It’s advisable to keep your piano out of direct sunlight, on an interior (not exterior) wall away from heating vents. Getting it tuned about once a year is recommended although manufacturers recommend as often as twice a year. Because of humidity and temperature fluctuations (especially in Wisconsin) the wood of the piano swells and shrinks through the seasons causing the tension on the strings to vary. I have noticed pianos I have tuned register at an average of 4 hertz difference or more in winter versus summer.

And now for some random visual evidence that I have tuned a piano or two:

piano tuning appleton wi
piano tuning appleton wi green bay oshkosh

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