Reflect Worship Music

It would be irresponsible of me, as your friend, to not tell you about some music that my wife Catherine and I have written, recorded, and released.

Our Christmas singles:

Screenshot 2017-12-16 01.01.12

Our latest album, Reflect Love! Listen to it here:


Click on Picture to Listen and Download for “Name Your Price”

It is every artist’s desire that people will actually take some time to really listen to their art.

I also love to write comedy songs such as:

Don’t Worry, Be Hippie

Dont Worry Be Hippie

Happy Hippy Birthday


AND, The Greatest Song on Earth!


Learn more at our website:


3 thoughts on “Reflect Worship Music

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  2. Julia Buehler

    I am listening to the CD I purchased at Bethany today, and I love it. Just beautiful. Julia Buehler

  3. silverpen123

    You both look so sweet together.

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