Reflect Worship Music

It would be irresponsible of me, as your friend, to not tell you about some music that my wife Catherine and I have written, recorded, and released.

Our latest album, Reflect Love! Listen to it here:


Click on Picture to Listen and Download for “Name Your Price”


It is every artist’s desire that people will actually take some time (set aside some time) to really listen to their art. We gave each of these albums 5 years of our very best –  would you give it the time it deserves to be heard?

Learn more at our website:


3 thoughts on “Reflect Worship Music

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  2. Julia Buehler

    I am listening to the CD I purchased at Bethany today, and I love it. Just beautiful. Julia Buehler

  3. silverpen123

    You both look so sweet together.

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