Singer Songwriter (Reflect)

My wife Catherine and I are the core of a band that goes by the moniker Reflect aka Reflect Worship. (Learn more at our website:

It would be irresponsible of me, as your friend, to not tell you about our latest album, Reflect Love! Listen to it at


“I just listened through your Reflect Love album and I was transported to the heavenlies. I’m just about in tears. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” – One listener’s response

These songs are here to serve your Awakening to God who is Love.

“God is Love… in whom we live and move and have our being” (from the Bible – 1 John 4 & Acts 17)

This truth from Scripture has captured my imagination for awhile now!

What a paradigm shift!!! We are right now like fish swimming around in an ocean of Love and this Love is a person! He invites us into friendship and SO much more!

I believe that every human being’s greatest responsibility is to simply allow God to love you. Your mission then becomes simply this: love the person you happen to be with in the moment. Ask yourself continually, “What is the most loving thing I can do for them right now? How can I honor them and serve them as Jesus would have me do?” 

God will help you as you commit to doing this. It means the world to him especially when you are doing this for those difficult to love or those unable to show their gratitude. If everyone loved everyone, it would truly be heaven on earth! Let’s take our responsibility seriously cultivating the culture of heaven! 

Starting out with a Ukulele worship song of the Lord’s Prayer, the album is arranged and progresses on an emotional journey. “Hold On My Love” and “He is Love” are songs to remind us to return to our One True Love in Jesus. 

‘All we need is Love’ the Beatles once sang… and God is Love! Our Song “I Need to Know” echoes this. Enter the Silence reminds us we need to take time out to meet with God and get our hearts in order. “Please Come Home” is inspired by the Prodigal Son story Jesus told. He never turns any away who comes to him and will never shame us! 

More and more believers in Jesus are entering into and operating in the kingdom of God – the kingdom of love, as the Scriptures say – where dreams and visions, prophetic abilities, and supernatural powers from God are released into those who are childlike and fully abandoned to their loving heavenly Papa and committed to doing what Jesus commands… Loving others! 

“Abide in my love… Love one another.” ~ Jesus 

Visit to listen to all our Music

Reflect Albums

Enjoy some really fun and unique selection of Christmas Songs as well @

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6 thoughts on “Singer Songwriter (Reflect)

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  2. Julia Buehler

    I am listening to the CD I purchased at Bethany today, and I love it. Just beautiful. Julia Buehler

  3. silverpen123

    You both look so sweet together.

  4. Randall Hart

    A match made in Heaven…..

  5. Vic Young

    Thanks man for your testimony it was great TTYL

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