Senior Home Entertainer

Introducing Daniel Lovett!

What a joy it has been to entertain in senior communities! For over ten years now I have served in most of the nursing homes, assisted living, Senior Homes, and residential care facilities throughout Northeast Wisconsin. This represents many thousands of people who have been encouraged, blessed, and even moved to tears by what I get to do for a living.

What to Expect (This is for Activity Directors):

I sing and play guitar, piano, ukulele and specialize in the songs residents love most. I mainly focus on playing songs that the most amount of people will be familiar with and enjoy. It’s a great feeling knowing I am bringing back fond nostalgic memories for them when I play well known tunes by well known artists of the decades in which the residents were listening to music the most.

Review of Performance:

I would recommend Daniel Lovett as an entertainer. He does a wonderful job. The residents just love him and he is very personal with them. Daniel is very pleasant, very easy to work with and very dependable. (Patty, Activity Director

I always try to have a few amusing anecdotes prepared to brighten people’s day or I might share some appropriate stories relating to a song. I perform a variety of old favorites (Somewhere over the Rainbow, You are My Sunshine), country songs (specializing in Johnny Cash, John Denver, and Willie Nelson tunes), Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and songs from the 60s. I play seasonal songs (I put on quite a lovely Christmas program), and patriotic songs.

I also play unique and stylistic arrangements of all the favorite hymns. I tailor my concerts to your needs! (see other videos at bottom of this page)

You will not be disappointed if you have me come and entertain. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to serving the residents at your facility.

Contact me:

Spiritually Enriching Entertainment

It’s amazing to see how working in some Christian music and the hymns into my concerts connect with so many people in ways that other music simply can’t. What a blessing to share music, love, respect, and encouragement with the elderly. I give them my best because they deserve the best!

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