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How to Teleport

I hope you enjoy this thorough explanation of how to teleport from my daughter Ellie. We were talking as a family today in the car about how this is real thing, not only just as recorded in the Bible, but also how believers in Jesus Christ have experienced this phenomenon as the Lord wills. One such example is Joshua Mills. Enjoy this following video:


I woke up the next morning after posting this asking myself a very basic question… perhaps prompted by the Lord?

Why do I believe Joshua Mills?

Why do I believe that the gold dust that appears on him sometimes when he preaches isn’t part of some sage magicians trick? Why should we believe any of his stories?

Well, the short answer for me is that I implicitly believe in the Holy Scriptures. I trust that what is recorded in the Bible is true. Why? Because I believe Jesus is who he says he is. I believe in his resurrection and so, to believe in all the rest of the miracles recorded in Scripture, isn’t much of a stretch. Especially because Jesus has said we can trust the Bible.

Since teleportation and other spiritual phenomenon are a part of the Scriptures why would it be difficult for any to believe that anything we read about in the Bible can happen today?

I also have thoroughly researched Joshua Mills and find him to be, as near as I can tell, an honest and sincere believer and proclaimer of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has a history as a worship leader having written thousands of songs to Jesus. I can respect that and the weight of his testimony. That’s why I believe the above story and the many other stories he has shared.

It’s crazy that my blog post, Teleportation and Spirit Travel for Christians has become my most popular post! If you want to learn more about what the Bible has to say on the topic, check it out!

Happy teleporting! LOL!

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