Jesus said, “My Blood”

I had an experience the other night. I know it wasn’t a dream but a real spiritual experience.

(I must say at this point that there is nothing more potentially deceptive than an “experience”. People could end up with the worst kind of theology based on their experience… that is, if they don’t have the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth and will lead you into all Truth (Yeshua – see Jn 14:6). Perfect theology is found in Jesus Christ who is the Word of God.)

My experience:

Jesus appeared and was granting me a gift. A greater awareness of the presence of God in me. I then suddenly became aware of a very nasty and angry evil spirit (demon?) who was quite upset about being displaced. He seemed to have jumped out of me. The spirit went on to demand his perceived rights to me. He thought he had a pretty good case. After all, there were reasons he was around afflicting me as much as he did anyway.

(How my previous day went: Total confusion, I could not accomplish anything. I had no direction and purpose. No clarity. I felt stuck. I wasted my whole day and this seemed like it would just go on like this and affect the rest of my life until I stood before God on judgement day ashamed of how “owned” by the devil I had lived my life. Just like the man who buried his talent and now just had that single muddy coin to give back to God. Now this evil spirit wanted to keep it that way.)

I perceived that Jesus held out his hand palm out to this evil spirit and said two words:

“My blood.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.26.03 PMThat was my victory. His blood is the pure Mercy of God and my salvation. I felt the Presence of God swell within me and the darkness driven back. I know God was responding to my prayers and setting me free from my wandering in futility.

I went on to play a pretty good concert the next day and even shared the experience as well as a few songs about the blood of Jesus and his love for us.

I shared the song How He Loves. That song moved me to tears the first time I heard Kim Walker from Jesus Culture sing it. I had to listen to it over and over and wept every time.

I highlighted that wonderful phrase, “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss…” from the song and talked about my little boy.

Elijah is four months old now and, while he is not a drooly baby, he often impersonates one. I can’t help but smother his little face with kisses whenever we are in proximity. So yea, I am familiar with the sloppy wet kiss.

You can be sure that God can’t help but smother your face with kisses too. God loves all his babies!

I took the kids to the park later and a swarm of little children soon came and hung around us. They thought my trick on the high bar was pretty cool and I spent time showing them other tricks and “parkour moves” and pushed them on the swings.

Then we started talking about Jesus and I shared with them a few of the basics about who Jesus was and what he did for us. One young man of about 10 years old wanted to know more and I told him that he could have a relationship with God himself and why not ask for one? I led him in a simple prayer to receive Jesus and gave him a Gospel of John I found in the car. I think one of the selling points was that Jesus protects us from bad dreams and demons. I told them my story from the night before.

“You can really hear Jesus for yourself, like he talks to you?” Collin asked

“Yes, Jesus said in John 10 that my sheep hear my voice and you are his sheep now that you believe in him so you will hear his voice too.” I replied.

So please pray for Collin and all the other kids who heard about Jesus yesterday will you? And I have one question for you: Do you believe that He loves you?

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One thought on “Jesus said, “My Blood”

  1. Anne work

    Very cool, Daniel. He’ll take us as deep as we’ll let Him, right?! He did this quite apart from you…a gift as you say. He is so very very gracious and compassionate! Love you guys!

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