Holding Out For Hope (You Carry Me)

This song is for everyone who is going through a season of depression. I just coming out of one myself… hence the song:


Holding out for Hope (You Carry Me)

A gridlock of confusion,
In the labyrinth of my mind
How did I end up here?
I lost all sense of balance
As I walked the wire of this life
As I tumble through the dark I feel you near


You’re the reason, I’m holding out for hope
I’m trusting that your arms are catching me
You’ve given me, a reason to believe
May I never forget who carries me
You carry me, You carry me

What a comfort,
To know you never leave me
Though I’ve tested your love
I could never ask for,
A better friend than you’ve been
You’re more than I could ever (imagine) (dream of)



And when I lose my way,
You’re there to save the day
You lift me up… when I am down
And as I feel you close
How you love me so
Jesus, You save me when I’m drowning

Daniel Lovett © 2016
Reflect Worship Music

More about this song (and my awesome day):

I recorded this song today after a nursing home concert on their piano. I have written a couple of songs on that piano so far. I like to hang out and just play on it for whoever wants to stick around and keep listening.

After the concert I felt led to go to Voyager park in DePere. I drove around until I could find a place to park in the shade for the sake of my guitar. As I parked and stepped out I saw a few guys fishing so I decided to go talk with them. They had guitars with them which we were soon playing and singing Johnny Cash. Dave told me he really liked Johnny Cashes version of Hurt.

“NO WAY!” I replied, “I just recorded a version of that yesterday and put it on Youtube!” (see previous post)

Dave then played a worship song for me that he wrote about surrender. It was awesome! Especially when Tony added a musical hook to the intro and was jamming some sweet lead lines throughout.

We exchanged info and it seems I found some new friends who I will probably work with musically in the future. Definitely more keen on changing band name to “Reflect Worship Collective” but I better discuss that with the rest of the band before announcing it just yet. I am excited!

Dave mentioned being involved with “Full Gospel Evangelistic Association“. I remember when I first came back to Jesus, one of the first things I did was to attend one of their meetings to share my testimony. One man there prophesied that Stephen (my brother) and I would be in ministry together. I didn’t see that happening. But then a year later I was driving my little brother to worship practice (he played keys) and sitting out in the audience during their practice.

Finally the worship leader said, “Hey, why don’t you come up here and play bass for us?”

“Ok” I said. After putting the bass on, I asked dumbfounded, “Ummm… what do you do?”

Within a month I was playing Sunday mornings with the worship team and that was my introduction into music ministry… with my brother.

I also realized that I have been keeping WAY too many God stories to myself. I will try to share more of them in future blogs!

Another God moment today: I had been needing to get a channel locks for my tool box and hadn’t gotten around to it. Well, wouldn’t you know it but I found one lying in the middle of the road today. It reminded me of the time I was driving around thinking about a lure for fishing. I imagined a silver minnow lure.

Later that day I got a coffee and “felt led” to go down a bank to a river side. When I got down there I looked up to see the exact lure I imagined hanging from a tree branch.

Do you have any God stories you want to share? Leave a comment!

Jesus holding a lamb

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