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I Am Loved

“Surprised by hope this holy Light now dances in my soul…”

These are the opening lyrics that sprang into my mind as I was a block away from my house. “Good timing, inspiration!” The opening riff just stumbled off my fingers as I played my drop D tuned guitar and the song came together like magic.

Have you ever been surprised by hope? Has joy unspeakable and full of glory ever snuck up on you and ambushed you when you least expected?

These are healing moments when you finally and fully align with the present moment where God’s complete salvation abides. You are home in the love of the Father. You are loved by the One in whom you live and move and have your being.

“Nothing in the universe can change your love for me
Enfolded in your family, a child of the King”

I really wanted to include something in this song about being in God’s family and my wife and I were both led to read Romans 8. As we read it together in The Passion Translation, the phrase “enfolded in the family” jumped out.

“That’s it!” I exclaimed.

Originally I had written Nothing in the universe can take your love from me. Papa corrected me and said, “No, say ‘change’ instead of ‘take’. That’s what I want to say to my kids.

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Surprised by hope this holy Light now dances in my soul
You reached out when I was caught, in an undertow
You pulled me up to where you are, so I will always know
I am loved, I am loved

You carried me when I was weak, I could not help myself
You promised me you’d never leave, even in my hell
When I lose sight of who you are, you’re always here to tell me
I’m loved, I am loved

Nothing in the universe can change your love for me
Enfolded in your family, a child of the King (2x)
I am, I am, I am loved

You began a beautiful work inside of me
So I will lean upon your Grace until it is complete
A new creation I am made, I’m choosing to believe
I am loved, I am loved

Nothing in the universe can change your love for me
Enfolded in your family, a child of the King (2x)
I am, I am, I am loved

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Holding Out For Hope (You Carry Me)

This song is for everyone who is going through a season of depression. I just coming out of one myself… hence the song:


Holding out for Hope (You Carry Me)

A gridlock of confusion,
In the labyrinth of my mind
How did I end up here?
I lost all sense of balance
As I walked the wire of this life
As I tumble through the dark I feel you near


You’re the reason, I’m holding out for hope
I’m trusting that your arms are catching me
You’ve given me, a reason to believe
May I never forget who carries me
You carry me, You carry me

What a comfort,
To know you never leave me
Though I’ve tested your love
I could never ask for,
A better friend than you’ve been
You’re more than I could ever (imagine) (dream of)



And when I lose my way,
You’re there to save the day
You lift me up… when I am down
And as I feel you close
How you love me so
Jesus, You save me when I’m drowning

Daniel Lovett © 2016
Reflect Worship Music

More about this song (and my awesome day):

I recorded this song today after a nursing home concert on their piano. I have written a couple of songs on that piano so far. I like to hang out and just play on it for whoever wants to stick around and keep listening.

After the concert I felt led to go to Voyager park in DePere. I drove around until I could find a place to park in the shade for the sake of my guitar. As I parked and stepped out I saw a few guys fishing so I decided to go talk with them. They had guitars with them which we were soon playing and singing Johnny Cash. Dave told me he really liked Johnny Cashes version of Hurt.

“NO WAY!” I replied, “I just recorded a version of that yesterday and put it on Youtube!” (see previous post)

Dave then played a worship song for me that he wrote about surrender. It was awesome! Especially when Tony added a musical hook to the intro and was jamming some sweet lead lines throughout.

We exchanged info and it seems I found some new friends who I will probably work with musically in the future. Definitely more keen on changing band name to “Reflect Worship Collective” but I better discuss that with the rest of the band before announcing it just yet. I am excited!

Dave mentioned being involved with “Full Gospel Evangelistic Association“. I remember when I first came back to Jesus, one of the first things I did was to attend one of their meetings to share my testimony. One man there prophesied that Stephen (my brother) and I would be in ministry together. I didn’t see that happening. But then a year later I was driving my little brother to worship practice (he played keys) and sitting out in the audience during their practice.

Finally the worship leader said, “Hey, why don’t you come up here and play bass for us?”

“Ok” I said. After putting the bass on, I asked dumbfounded, “Ummm… what do you do?”

Within a month I was playing Sunday mornings with the worship team and that was my introduction into music ministry… with my brother.

I also realized that I have been keeping WAY too many God stories to myself. I will try to share more of them in future blogs!

Another God moment today: I had been needing to get a channel locks for my tool box and hadn’t gotten around to it. Well, wouldn’t you know it but I found one lying in the middle of the road today. It reminded me of the time I was driving around thinking about a lure for fishing. I imagined a silver minnow lure.

Later that day I got a coffee and “felt led” to go down a bank to a river side. When I got down there I looked up to see the exact lure I imagined hanging from a tree branch.

Do you have any God stories you want to share? Leave a comment!

Jesus holding a lamb

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Our Father (Holy is Your Name), New Worship Song from Reflect Worship

May your kingdom come

My favorite part of our song Holy is Your Name and the prayer Jesus taught us to pray is when we ask that heaven come invade this earth. It’s what we all desperately need. “May your kingdom come, may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Our song translates that last line:

“Make this world below, like your heavenly home!”

May we invite heaven to rule and reign in our hearts and homes each and every day. We can tell you that as we sincerely pray this then we will begin to experience and feel the change. Heaven moves in and hell is pushed out. Life suddenly starts to make sense and we begin to have a “flow” that wasn’t there before. Our priorities change from self-centered materialistic pursuits to heavenly godly pursuits. We become more interested in loving our neighbors, seeing marriages restored, and inviting people to come to know and love Jesus in a personal relationship over having or doing the next… well, whatever it is this world foolishly pursues (1 Jn 2:16).

Heaven reigning in our hearts means we choose to “be holy as he is holy“. We do this by staying fully surrendered to God and by maintaining a clean conscience before God and others. We now live holy (wholly devoted) lives like Jesus so that our loving heavenly Papa can use us as his instruments to bring heaven to earth… just like Jesus did.

Jesus modeled the Christian life for us. He was the most “normal Christian” to ever walk the planet. He showed us how to daily manifest heaven on earth by “doing what he saw the Father doing” and by “speaking only what the Father gave him to say“. He told us that we, as his followers, will do what he did and that we will do even greater works because he is now with the Father. Do we believe him?

Having heaven reign in and through us means having LOVE reign, and who wouldn’t want that?

And so, to our loving heavenly Papa, we pray with all the saints and angels of heaven:

“Our Father in heaven,
may your name be kept holy.
May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth,
as it is in heaven.
Give us today the food we need,
and forgive us our sins,
as we have forgiven those who sin against us.
And don’t let us yield to temptation,
but rescue us from the evil one.” ~ Jesus (Matt 6:9-13 NLT)

Please enjoy and share this really fun version of the Lord’s Prayer.

More About This Song:

It is wonderfully exciting to be able to share this song with you! It turned out better than we could have hoped. We wrote this in our car as we drove with our two little girls for a family outing to Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI.  We are honestly thrilled now to hear what it has become!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to some of the talented musicians who contributed to the song:

  • Esther who provided the creative backing vocal
  • Sam who laid down some really cool drums
  • Mike who played the fabulous bass
  • Catherine on piano and main vocal, and finally
  • Daniel on the ukulele and vocal

In case you missed the few other song previews we have released, here are a few links to videos and song stories to some of our new songs we are really excited about!

Come Lord Jesus

Forgive, new Reflect Worship Song

Captivated Worship Song

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Letting Go, a Song of Surrender

My wife Catherine is an amazing woman and a very talented singer. This is a song she wrote about trusting God in the midst of confusing or overwhelming times recognizing that God is indeed Sovereign and He is Love (see previous post). It’s a great deal easier to surrender to God when you realize you are surrendering to love!

God, who is love, is in control so we don’t have to stress and strive to control reality ourselves. We just get to partner with him and accompany him through life as we continually say (as one verse in Scripture puts it), “What’s next Papa?” It is indeed stressful and disconcerting trying to maintain control over all our circumstances. But their is freedom and profound life found in a trusting loving friendship with God. Who knows, he might just send us things we can’t handle to free us from trying to do life on our own… we were never meant to be alone.

We hope this song has inspired and blessed you. Let us know! This song is available on our “I Will Bring You Peace” album. You can download it at our Bandcamp website or on iTunes Here! or purchase the CD at our online store.

She talks in the following video about what inspired this song:

Here is Letting Go again, recorded live accompanied by the birds:

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Gift of Music!

reflect_amazing_grace_cover_220x200We are now offering both of our Hymns albums as free downloads ( Just Click on the CD cover on right), for you to enjoy! These albums contain many of the most well loved Hymns of the faith, like Amazing Grace, In the Garden, and Old Rugged Cross, etc… All we ask is that you to share this gift of music!

Our ultimate goal is to get this music to people in nursing homes everywhere to  bring some encouragement to them and also to bring comfort to those in their last moments in hospice care. (See testimonies below) Will you help us

We need your help!

Here are a few ways you can help:

1.) Will you share this link on your Facebook to spread the word about what we are trying to accomplish?

Copy and paste this link from our website:

or these “noise trade” links:

Reflect Amazing Grace:

or, for the Reflect Hymn:

2.) Do you have a loved one or know someone in a nursing home? Please download the music, put it on a CD, and send it to them!

Of course you can also purchase our Hymns CD’s at our online store (or at Lighthouse Christian Books in Green Bay, WI), and bring a copy to someone in a nursing home!

3.) Do you know someone who works at a nursing home? Please send this message to them!

4.) Donate to our ministry so we can continue supplying albums for free to nursing homes. Donate button at our website:

Send a Reflect Hymn or a Reflect, Amazing Grace album to a Nursing Home or Hospice care giver today!

You can also go to to begin downloading.

Be sure to download both albums! Enjoy!


Since its release, I have been sending out the “Reflect Hymn” CD to various Nursing home facilities throughout Northeast Wisconsin and recently I received back this report about how the Reflect Hymn project is being used:

“Daniel, Having a chance encounter with an old friend who works the night shift at our local nursing facility, I wanted to share with you her comments about your music.

She told me that a copy of your music on CD; Reflect Hymn, appeared at their nurses station, and that they had been playing and enjoying the music.  However, she said the greatest benefit seemed to come when your music was played exclusively in the rooms of those patients who were experiencing their last days.  She told how the staff all remarked that such a great sense of peace seemed to envelop the room and the people in attendance, that they have a policy of always playing this music for such times as this as it provides such comfort.

I thought you might want to know this, since I know you send out these CD’s as a sample of your work when booking concerts at various Nursing Homes.  Even though this facility has never had you there in person, your music is being used and valued, which I just ‘happened’ to find out a few weeks ago during my ‘chance encounter’.

Blessings, Cindie”

I was so moved when I received this report. What an awesome blessing! I would love to see every nursing home throughout Northeast Wisconsin to receive a Reflect Hymn album for their use for the above mentioned purpose, or to use for a church service or bible study, or even just for music therapy. If this is something that you would also like to see happen please donate toward this ministry.

Here is another letter I received:

Hi Daniel…

Recently you came to Shady Lane Nursing Home here in Manitowoc to entertain the residents and I was in attendance with my mother who was a resident there at the time. She just passed away this past Thursday March 25th. I bought one of your CDs and played it for her every night when she was drifting off to sleep. This past week when she had slipped into a deep sleep on comfort care at Shady Lane I played it in her room….it was very soothing. I think the staff at Shady Lane enjoyed it as well. I plan to give these CDs away as a result. If it is alright with you I would like to play it next to her coffin at the funeral.

Thank you.

A Recent Encounter (2015):

I was about to go in and entertain at a nursing home when a lady stopped me and asked, “I am a hospice nurse and I have your Reflect Hymn CD. I use it so often that it doesn’t play anymore. Do you have another one with you?”

I was able to provide her the Reflect Hymn album and also our latest Hymn project Reflect, Amazing Grace. She was on her way to someone who was passing away that very day.

Thank you for listening,

Daniel Lovett

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