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Letting Go, a Song of Surrender

My wife Catherine is an amazing woman and a very talented singer. This is a song she wrote about trusting God in the midst of confusing or overwhelming times recognizing that God is indeed Sovereign and He is Love (see previous post). It’s a great deal easier to surrender to God when you realize you are surrendering to love!

God, who is love, is in control so we don’t have to stress and strive to control reality ourselves. We just get to partner with him and accompany him through life as we continually say (as one verse in Scripture puts it), “What’s next Papa?” It is indeed stressful and disconcerting trying to maintain control over all our circumstances. But their is freedom and profound life found in a trusting loving friendship with God. Who knows, he might just send us things we can’t handle to free us from trying to do life on our own… we were never meant to be alone.

We hope this song has inspired and blessed you. Let us know! This song is available on our “I Will Bring You Peace” album. You can download it at our Bandcamp website or on iTunes Here! or purchase the CD at our online store.

She talks in the following video about what inspired this song:

Here is Letting Go again, recorded live accompanied by the birds:

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