Thank You For Hearing Me

Today I share a “profound and holy song” (as one person has said) written by Sinead O’Conner. I did some research about this sister and as it turns out she is a believer in Jesus. She may not believe everything the same way you do (and who does?) but I was blessed to learn she has faith in the Savior! She is even an ordained minister in a “fringe Catholic sect” and has an album called “Theology”. It was interesting listening to a few of the songs on that album today.

This is a song that my girls and I have been singing around our house for the past week. Please don’t get distracted from actually using this song to connect with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Sing along:

Thank You For Hearing Me Prayer Update:

So yea, God actually hears and heals and finds and saves and holds and loves us. He responds to our prayers. The really cool part is when and how he speaks to us. The following is a testimony of this:

So I had a facility that owed me for some Christmas concerts I did. There was a miscommunication and confusion and I never got paid for these concerts (It was over $100 dollars). I contacted them a couple of times and hadn’t heard from them in a month. It was now April. I drafted up an invoice and had it in an envelope and put it on the mailbox to be picked up.

As I was driving away the Lord said, “No, go back and get that envelope. Don’t send it. I got this.”

“What? This makes no sense but OK.”

I didn’t have peace about mailing it… for days.

Finally, and this reflects my lack of complete trust and that I freak out over money too much, I put it in the mail. I actually did have peace about it now for some reason.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the check arrived in the mail the following day. I called up the facility to thank them and told them to throw away or “return to sender” on the letter I had sent. Should have stayed trusting God’s, “I got this”.

So, how can we learn to hear the voice of God better?

516q3gpng0l-_sy344_bo1204203200_I’m reading Hearing God by Dallas Willard… and the Bible. Join me in reading it with me?

Your answered prayers:

God has set me free from the bondage of getting involved with religious debates and has instead directed me to use my time to record and share these music vid’s with you. Religious debates and politics are another HUGE source of depression! I’m going to avoid both of them! It literally feels like I drink poison whenever I get involved in a religious debate, and I haven’t cared about politics for forever ago… I doubt heaven cares either. God does still rule from heaven ya know. He is still Soveriegn, so get your eyes and heart where they ought to be and know PEACE!

Do you have an answer to prayer you’d like to share? Leave a comment! Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned!

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