Teleporting and Spirit Travel or Translation by Faith

Teleporting. Spirit Travel. Translation by faith. Trans-relocation. Bilocation. Isn’t this just the stuff of science fiction?

Below is an interview I conducted with Dr Bruce Allen about this phenomenon including some personal testimony of Dr Bruce Allen and some really amazing things he has received from Jesus on this topic:

Well, you might be surprised to learn that teleporting and spirit travel is throughout the Bible and is an ability that God has and will still sometimes employ for those in service of the King, Yehoshua (aka Jesus)… and sometimes maybe just for fun! God is a Happy and fun-loving God!

I came to soon realize after exploring this topic that this is apparently a controversial subject among Christians and some react quite negatively toward this idea of being able to travel through space (and time!) either as a spirit or even in a physical body. I thought I would just share what the Holy Scriptures have to say on the subject to alleviate the fears and concerns that some may have about this topic of Teleportation and Spirit travel. I expect that even the most staunchly conservative people of faith will have to submit to God’s Word on this one?

We will explore in this blog how the prophets, saints, and the apostles experienced spirit travel and teleporting and how this just might become your experience as well as you grow in fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

There are numerous places in Scripture where we see people being teleported or translated while others travel great distances as a spirit in what I like to refer to as “Spirit travel”. The apostle Paul didn’t know whether he was in the body or in the spirit on some of his spiritual adventures. This is often what is meant by “visions” in the Scripture – you go into the spirit realm and are shown spiritual truths in wild dreamlike pictures, ever read the book of Revelation? (These prophetic visions must be tested by the standard for all truth! God’s holy Word!). Visions are to be expected among all of humanity really and most especially by his children:

“It will come about after this
That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;
And your sons and daughters will prophesy,
Your old men will dream dreams,
Your young men will see visions.
“Even on the male and female servants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.” Joel 2:28-29 NASB

“Those days” were initiated when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit began at Pentecost. (See Acts 2)

It was Jesus who said, “With God all things are possible for those who believe.” Teleporting and spirit travel are just some of those “things” possible through faith by the Spirit of God. There is no limit to what God can do!

I am aware that this sort of thing isn’t on most Christians radar at all, and if they have heard of it they will likely reject it outright without a second thought and label it “new age” or some such nonsense. This seems to be what most people do when they are afraid. But will we wrestle through the Word to see if these things are so, like the Bereans did?

“Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” Acts 17:11 NASB

Let’s dive in and see for ourselves what the Scripture has to say:

Scriptures on Teleportation:

The following Scripture gives us clues that Elijah likely had experienced teleportation:

“ As the Lord your God lives, there is no nation or kingdom where my master has not sent to search for you; and when they said, ‘He is not here,’ he made the kingdom or nation swear that they could not find you. 11 And now you are saying, ‘Go, say to your master, “Behold, Elijah is here.”’ 12 It will come about when I leave you that the Spirit of the Lord will carry you where I do not know; so when I come and tell Ahab and he cannot find you, he will kill me, although I your servant have feared the Lord from my youth.”

1 Kings 18:10-12

So, does this prove that Elijah had teleported? Well, Obadiah, the man speaking here, believed that Elijah could be or had been carried away by the Spirit (teleported). Interestingly I had heard of a story of this very thing happening to a Christian leader in the church in China.

Here is a very clear account that Jesus teleported with his disciples:

“Now when evening came, His disciples went down to the sea, 17 and after getting into a boat, they started to cross the sea to Capernaum. It had already become dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them. 18 The sea began to be stirred up because a strong wind was blowing. 19 Then, when they had rowed about three or four miles, they *saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near to the boat; and they were frightened. 20 But He *said to them, “It is I; [my footnote says, or: “The I AM is here”] do not be afraid.” 21 So they were willing to receive Him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.”

John 6:16-21  (NASB)

So the boat immediately arrives at the destination when Jesus entered the boat. They were only three to four miles across an eight mile wide lake. Pretty wild!

Here is another clear example of Philip the Evangelist teleporting:

“And he ordered the chariot to stop; and they both went down into the water, Philip as well as the eunuch, and he baptized him. 39 When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing. 40 But Philip found himself at Azotus, and as he passed through he kept preaching the gospel to all the cities until he came to Caesarea.”

Acts 8:38-40  (NASB)

This is by far one of the most clear passages about teleportation. Philip, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit, is translated by the Spirit thirty miles North. I see absolutely no reason that anyone who is full of faith and the Holy Spirit, would not at some point possibly experience the same. Do you?

God didn’t have to spare Philip the thirty mile walk. Perhaps he did this just for the sheer fun of it? How playful and fun is God with his kids? My experience tells me it’s a great deal more than we think.

I find it baffling that people can accept that Philip was teleported, but that it could not happen today? Instead I know that signs and wonders and miracles and supernatural experiences of God will only increase in the end times. God is still pouring out His Spirit on all mankind (Acts 2) and I choose to believe what Jesus says to those who follow him:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. 13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. 14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!”

John 14:12

As citizens of both heaven and earth we can do as the Lord Jesus says and “come in and go out ands find good pasture.”

Jesus says in John 3:13 “No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man (Some manuscripts add here: who lives in heaven.) has come down from heaven.” 

I don’t believe I am out of line to think that the phrase, “who lives in heaven” is legitimate. It appeared in some manuscripts for a reason. Jesus lived simultaneously in heaven and on earth at the same time. Those who have entered through the narrow gate of Jesus Christ into the Kingdom now live in both realms as well. Up until that time, Jesus revealed that no one had ever gone into heaven and returned. How things have changed since then!

The Apostle Paul records a trip into Paradise:

“… I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord. I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago—whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows—such a man was caught up to the third heaven. And I know how such a man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows— was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak. On behalf of such a man I will boast; but on my own behalf I will not boast, except in regard to my weaknesses. For if I do wish to boast I will not be foolish, for I will be speaking the truth; but I refrain from this, so that no one will credit me with more than he sees in me or hears from me.

Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself!”

2 Corinthians 12:1-7  (NASB)

Paul is humbly referring to himself in the third person here. He talks of visiting Paradise and hearing inexpressible words. Was he in his body or out of it? He didn’t know.

To keep Paul humble, the Lord allowed a messenger of Satan to torment him! Paul goes on to say he pleaded with the Lord three times to remove it. Christ’s response was, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Scriptures on “Spirit Travel”

“But Elisha asked him, “Don’t you realize that I was there in spirit when Naaman stepped down from his chariot to meet you?””

2 Kings 5:26

Elisha was “there in spirit” keeping an eye on Gehazi his servant. The truth is, If the consciousness of God is everywhere, and we are One with him as Jesus declares in John 14:20, then it stands to reason that we are everywhere as well. Our conscious Divine observation point can literally be moved to anywhere God is. I remember once texting a friend: “Why don’t you pick up a visiting application for me while you’re there.” Little did I know that he was at that very moment at the jail getting a visitor application form.

Here is an account of Ezekiel spirit traveling:

“It came about in the sixth year, on the fifth day of the sixth month, as I was sitting in my house with the elders of Judah sitting before me, that the hand of the Lord God fell on me there. Then I looked, and behold, a likeness as the appearance of a man; from His loins and downward there was the appearance of fire, and from His loins and upward the appearance of brightness, like the appearance of glowing metal. He stretched out the form of a hand and caught me by a lock of my head; and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the north gate of the inner court, where the seat of the idol of jealousy, which provokes to jealousy, was located. And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there.”

Ezekiel 8:1-4  (NASB)

Ezekiel is lifted up into the sky by the Spirit and transported to Jerusalem in a vision from God and was taken to the north gate of the inner courtyard of the Temple. He is taken on a journey of about 500 miles as the crow flies from Babylon to Jerusalem. In the phrase “visions from God” indicates to me that he is in a spiritual form but taken to to a very real physical place, the temple. I see this as spirit travel. What do you think?

He is shown the idolatry that is persisting in Jerusalem and thus the cause for the coming judgement.

I wonder if any of us would be up for such a vision. To be shown the sin of America and all the detestable things that America has done and the cause for its coming judgement. What if you or I were to be called upon to deliver the kinds of messages the prophets did? Visions are certainly not just fun and games. It is truly sobering that we live among such sin and in an evil culture all around us.

Aren’t you the least bit curious to know what God might speak or show to you? Would you be willing to experience what Ezekiel did? He was called upon to do some downright uncomfortable things as a prophet, like lay on one side for over a year without moving having the same meal every day cooked over dung (the Lord had first told him human dung but Ezekiel talked him into using cow dung). If you want to know why, then read Ezekiel!

“After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” 2 Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in heaven, and One sitting on the throne. 3 And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. 4 Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.

5 Out from the throne come flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder. And there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God; 6 and before the throne there was something like a sea of glass, like crystal; and in the center and around the throne, four living creatures full of eyes in front and behind.”

Revelation 4:1-6 (NASB)

So here John is in the Spirit in heaven itself witnessing One sitting on the throne in glory. Wow! Interestingly the Shema Yisrael says, “Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is One”. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one” and then Jesus himself invites us into this “oneness” with God!

“In the twenty-fifth year of our exile, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was taken, on that same day the hand of the Lord was upon me and He brought me there. 2 In the visions of God He brought me into the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain, and on it to the south there was a structure like a city. 3 So He brought me there; and behold, there was a man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze, with a line of flax and a measuring rod in his hand; and he was standing in the gateway. 4 The man said to me, “Son of man, see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and give attention to all that I am going to show you; for you have been brought here in order to show it to you. Declare to the house of Israel all that you see.”

Ezekiel 40:1-4  (NASB)

The above Scriptures are just some of the examples of a book (the Bible) that is entirely crammed full of supernatural experiences of God! Dreams and visions and miracles abound! I suppose I like to geek out over what visions exactly are. A vision is happening in the spirit realm and might just involve a trip outside of your physical body (Out of Body Experience). I ask myself what would that be like, to be taken out of your body like Ezekiel was by the Spirit and flown 500 miles to Jerusalem? How was Philip teleported? What was that like?

It would be next to impossible to tell my own walk with God without including how dreams and visions have been such a big part of my journey. It saddens me that there are those in the church who, out of their own fear, will judge, reject, and marginalize those who experience dreams and visions from God – a direct result of experiencing the Spirit of God.

Have you experienced a vision or a dream from God? I am here to tell you it’s alright to ask God for them. Don’t let anyone steal your crown, bully or intimidate you from experiencing God for yourself. Keep yourself immersed in the Word of God and keep seeking him!

“Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55:6

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55 thoughts on “Teleporting and Spirit Travel or Translation by Faith

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  3. why did Paul say we are 2000 years behind GODS work for us is it because of the negative world we are

    • Robert Lynn Martin

      I’m not sure but thinking it may be a result of God dividing the people at the Tower of Babel! Scientists have concluded that had God not stepped in the Atomic Bomb would have been created before the birth of Jesus!!!

  4. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing! I have had many out of body experiences especially as a child and it’s so hard to find info on this without going to new age groups. Sad. The church needs to reclaim what we have given away!

    • Thanks Amanda! The devil counterfeits everything. That’s all he can do. Of course this is how he gets Christians to forfeit what is theirs. It is sad there are so many whose “faith” is fear based. Talk about an oxymoron! I understand that very well. I spent most of my life afraid… and still struggle with my reservations to dive completely in and accept the mystery of God.

      • Is it that he counterfeits it? Is what the devil does is fake? Or is it that he does it without authority? Rebellion is witchcraft. Moses struck the rock in anger and IT WORKED! He did not do this with authority he was told to speak to the rock. This was not counterfeit this was unsanctioned unauthorized use!!!

        A woman I knew who practiced Reiki one day the Lord had me say to her “When you have a problem with a demon come and see me maybe I can help” I found out through the grapevine this greatly offended her and the congregation thought I was rude.

        Two years later she sought me out. She had a problem with a demon. I said well lets do it now! And she said no i will come over. The Lord had me say “You will find it hard to make it over to my house but persist and you will make it”. They tried to keep her from coming.

        She came over, I prayed and saw to kiss her on the head and ask “Lord?” He said kiss her on the head and tell her I love her. I did and immediately she was well. She was ecstatic looked at me and said “How do you have such power! That was so simple” She went on to tell me that she had PAID people to exorcise the demon. She paid a lot of money and she even contacted the most powerful Reiki person she knows and they could not do it. The Holy Spirit taught me in that moment what to say Just as Jesus had promised “What I do is with permission, I have no power I am just a channel a pipe or a wire. What you do is rebellion, it is like you take dads car out for a ride without permission, where as I ask dad “can I borrow the car?”

        Did you know that witches recite the psalms to cast out demons?

        I found out that she was in denial, that they are demons but some neutral nice spirits and a bad one had attached to her. So when I had said to her if you have a problem with a demon call me it spoke against her imagined reality and offended her. Sadly too often christians think all must be harmonious – not if it means being in step with the world. Jesus the prince of peace came to bring a sword to divide so that we might have a true peace and not a false peace.

      • THINK OF how much damage a mere 200k supernatural believers – that know how to trans-relocate and obe – could do to the kingdom of Satan EAT HIS LUNCH ! MY kind of folks !

      • “The Devil,” would be the religious teachings of mankind who only receives knowledge from their five-senses; they know nothing of their Holy Spirit in them ore us.

    • have you checked out part 2 and 3? 3 is the most controversial (interesting)

      • Amanda

        I will try to look over it today.busy day though. I could float as a child and swim through the air so to speak. Just my spirit not my body. Now that my husband are in supernatural bible school, just learning how there are biblical examples of this.

      • Tommy Hargrove

        Where are parts 2 and 3?

    • John

      I teleported April of 2016 from St. Clair Co. Alabama to Atlanta in my car. I said out loud, “God reveal yourself.”, then boom I’m on the freeway in Atlanta. IT FREAKED ME OUT!!!! I HAD TO PULL OVER! I have met 2 others who teleported as well, which has calmed me. When I was anointed at age nine it felt like electricity. Not 220 or 110, but electricity. I have had other supernatural experiences too, but simply don’t want to type it. May God’s Grace, Hope and Peace be with you all, Amen.

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  6. The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings Jesus name be glorified for ever. Teleportation is very much true according to the Bible and by the experiences of children of God. Those who are narrow minded will not believe. Their disbelieves will not make the truth as false. Please continue feed the subject as encouragement for servants like us. May God bless you.

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  10. Dude, you are awesome. God is just starting to show me how I covet my time. He wants to show us how we bind ourselves and how he can set us free from everything of this world even things such as space/time, so cool. Important to know: He will not bring us into anything we are not surrendered to and ready for. I personally can’t wait for my first teleport! Jesus is amazing.

    • Thank you! You made me smile! I am excited for your journey in Christ. Keep the childlike joy and wonder going and don’t let anyone steal your crown. Read parts 2 and 3!

  11. mdb

    See Luke 4:14 – “And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of Him throughout all the region round about.” This and other examples are pretty straight forward. Do we believe the word of God or not? If so, then how could we doubt these scriptures?

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  13. Jeremiah

    The gift is given to Christians in the Catholic Church too, such as Mary Agreda and Padre Pio. 🙂

  14. Michael Basham

    Reblogged this on StarSword and commented:

  15. gitardood

    I reblogged this on my blog at and added a comment about a modern day teleportation of 6 members of a prayer warrior intercessory team from all different locations and time zones on the planet at the same time to Rome to combat two arch fallen angels. Henry Gruver is being interviewed by Steve Quayle on YouTube as he shares the story at

  16. Robert Lynn Martin

    Excellent article, in addition it seems apparent to me that the angels both fallen and Devine can not only teleport but are using interdementional transportation platform vehicles to enter our plane of existence! The Bible says that the gods came to earth and mated with humans resulting in offspring known as Nephillum, therefore these fallen angels were not Sprits but physical flesh! I also think all angels can come in sprit mentally what we would refer to as Astral Projection or Cognitive Assention!! Furthermore, I do not believe there are literal E.T. Aliens within our dimension due to my knowledge regarding the firmament, but rather Angels posing as Aliens as a cover of their true Identity!!! 😁

  17. Al Flowers

    I am a MAJOR in the US Army now and formally an enlisted soldier who attended Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia in summer of 1988. I had injured or bruised my heel on a previous parachute jump and could hardly walk without a great deal of pain in my left leg. We had to complete a fast pace 4-5 mile run in a group formation on next to last day of airborne school. I asked the Lord to help me run those miles while in great pain. We started the run and I just remember saying “Jesus, Jesus” and the next thing I remember is that we are slowing down and then stopped. I asked why and people next to me just looked at me and told me we were finished. A number of people fell out of the run and failed the course. I was soaked with sweat but felt refreshed as if I had not run 100 yards. We had run nearly four miles in about 30 minutes and I did not recall any of it. Time just jumped forward for me instantly 30 minutes. This is only example in my life where time and space jumped forward by divine intervention.

  18. Jenn phillips

    This is really well written. Thank you for this!
    You make it very clear.

  19. Debra Scruggs

    methinks you would enjoy this video on YouTube… Horses of the Bible by pastor Murray from shepherds Chapel

    • I already know these things are in Scripture – I want to know how to walk in them.

      • you have no idea how much rejection I have experienced just by pointing out that this is in the Bible and available for today… besides, have you asked Jesus if this is for you?

  20. mschardt2

    Hi, you should read “Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple” by Praying Medic. He gives evidence that this biblical as well and yeacgss how to do it. He also goes as far as to prove why it is not the same thing as astral projection. I really love this author.

    Michael Van Vlymen also has a great book on this subject too. Here is an excerpt from his book on it.

  21. tom

    Oops, Daniel, I bumped my “touchy” HP touch-pad and sent an incomplete post about ministering salvation to ghosts, I think! Or lost it and need to draft again. Please let me know how to finish that up for you’re review? It’s another much needed ministry you can’t talk much about!

    • I’d really love to hear your thoughts about it. I suppose I’ve been doing it myself and I interviewed somebody about it on my show

      • tom

        I (and others I know and sometimes minister with) have been giving “ghosts” the good news and seeing them leave for heaven, upwards. My first occasion was in 2013 on Hawaii where humans were sacrificed in large numbers. Afterward I asked the Lord how many were saved, it was “over 10,000.”
        Ghosts are easy to recognize as not being demons: they aren’t doing demon stuff! They are confused about why they are here, doing no actual harm to anyone. They don’t understand why (most) people don’t talk to them or see them, etc. They do “poltergeist” harmless-type things to be noticed, e.g., stuff being moved around a house, or overnight guests who feel like someone’s watching them etc. There are often a few ghosts out of a group who choose not to receive salvation. After all possible exhortation and explanation of consequences, we dismiss them from earth to be with their chosen god forever. It crumples me over in agony as I see them going down. But for the last 3 years or so we’re been using “whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” as a scripture we preach. We tell the ones being dismissed and headed downwards for hell that… even as they are descending they still can cry out “Jesus save me!” and He will. (I’ve had one pop back up out of the ground so far.) We tell them that once inside the gates of hell there is no return. We say their family members who are down there do not want them to come there with them. And more.
        The Lord has arranged many circumstances so I and others would preach to these from time to time, He loves them dearly. I preached to a crowd of exactly 70,000 in Japan, gathered from the northern Pacific Ocean, and exactly 144,000 in New Zealand from the southern Pacific waters/islands. And also to handfuls or to individuals, as it happens. Treasures, all.
        As for theology, it seems (i.e., it’s my guess) these haven’t heard enough of the gospel to be accountable for refusing it at the time of their deaths. There could also be Book of Life dimensions to this. What I do not know is limitless, what I do know is bringing eternal life now in this time, for many of these. I find the scriptural case for “anyone who dies without Christ goes to hell” very weak. Obviously a divisive topic. Easily challenged from Scripture though – such as “the dead who were in the sea” who came before the throne in Rev. 20. They were, in the Bible’s own words, dead. My Bible says they were in the sea instead of hell. And note that in Rev. 20 death and hades were dealt with, specifically, as a class or group. But the dead from the sea were not dealt with en masse. All that can be said from this scripture is they were judged by what was in the books. Period.
        I may have preached to a few thousand who were “in the sea” whilst in Japan and New Zealand or Hawaii etc., who knows?. I simply ask the angels to gather those who Jesus wants to hear the good news here, today. And give that great news to them as best I can. Simple.

    • Prudence R Crews

      Hello Tom I ran across your post and I am highly intrigued on what you have experienced. I did not believe in ghosts. I thought they were all demons. I could deny the bible that speaks about the dead being judged and I have also been taught about some souls being in purgatory. I am confused but I believe you with all of my heart. If you have more info on this can you please direct me to it ? please and thank you!

  22. tom

    Also, I don’t see Paul’s spirit travel noted anywhere in your Teleportation stuff? I musta missed it. This is clear, twice. I’m a fan of scripture exactly as written when it’s clear. Less weight is given to opinions framed as “but what that really means is…”

    1 Cor 5:3-5 (ESV) For though absent in body, I am present in spirit; and as if present, I have already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing. 4 When you are assembled in the name of the Lord Jesus and my spirit is present, with the power of our Lord Jesus, 5 you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord.

    • Nice

      • A. More out-of-body statements by Paul about himself – 2Cor. 12:2-3. He says of himself twice, “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know.” Never heard a sermon on that!
        B. I have a blog now with a post/exposition/apologetic on the reality and nature of ghosts. It’s at The top line menu category “GHOSTS” has various short war stories/testimonies of ministering salvation to ghosts. It’s a fun read. I just led 43 of them to Christ yesterday here in WI at an Indian Mound. Sadly 8 were lost by their own choice.
        Best to you both, tom

      • Thank you for your comment here! I am reading the article you sent and practiced communicating the Gospel with the spirits in the coffee shop where I am right now, praying in tongues. God be with you powerfully Tom

      • Prudence R Crews

        Daniel where can I find your show?

      • Just search Awakening with Daniel Lovett on YouTube

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  24. God bless! Amy we find ourselves glorify the Name of Jesus always! The time to stay here on Earth is soon coming to an end. Be with Jesus always! Maranatha!

  25. Aretha Tatum

    Greetings!!! This is a great topic which I don’t here a lot of talk about. I have had several amazing experiences. It was actually prophesied to me in July 2010 ” I will visit you as I did with Moses” In March 2012 I was told by the same prophet to seek God with my whole heart. There are things He will tell me that will come from no man. In September 2012 I began having what I call garden visits. Just as with Paul I don’t know if I was in my body or not but I was sitting in a beautiful area with a waterfall. I experienced so much over several years and I put it in my book: The Wonderful Counselor-My Sheep Hear My Voice.
    My life and my relationship with God went to a whole new level! Glory to God. I don’t just know of Him. I have experienced Him!

  26. Malcolm Wilson

    Hi Daniel.
    Just in the last week or so I’ve had the word transport said to me by 2 different brothers and I’m currently hearing a wee Whisper ref to transportation from Rauch ha Kordesh.
    I’ll read more on this later.
    Shabbat shalom and
    Chag Sameach Pesach🙏🏼💯🔥

    Yes and Amen Signs n wonders will increase in these end times.
    Watching and Praying Luke 21 :36

  27. Daniel: I enjoyed reading through your collection of blog posts on transportation in the spirit. Made me smile. Thank you. Your posts brought me extra encouragement to fulfill the Lord’s desire this morning and to also talk about transportation in the spirit on my podcast. I mostly want to share with you, and I totally understand your deleting my comment. For obvious “self-promotion” sorry! Just wanted to say thank you and share the smile. Blessings Kristen

  28. Donna jacob

    Enjoyed video by dr Allen

  29. Kath

    I realise spirit travel is used by Christians. My experience of its use is that it has been trespass or spiritual violation, Violating people and their privacy. For example one person I know spirit travels into others counselling sessions, which is spiritual trespass. The Lord gave me two scriptures in regard to its misuse. One John 10: “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.” and the misuse of spirit travel to dominate the sheep – elders must not dominate over the sheep. The use of spirit travel to spy on others, dominate and exert power over others is demonic. Its deeply concerning to me that this takes places in secret, in underhand ways in the body of Christ.
    The other side of it is a genuine, Holy Spirit gift or ability, used for his purpose, to extend the Kingdom of God. I have yet to understand how it works in holiness.

  30. David Zulu

    I know it was GOD who directed me to this blog…. I’m so grateful for the scriptures and encounters you shared concerning controversial topics of the bible that many people in the five fold ministries are afraid to teach because they have zero experience concerning these spiritual realities.. it’s my prayer that GOD should lead many Christians to this blog so that they should be aware of these spiritual realities that are relegated to new age…. I’m currently pursuing JESUS CHRIST so that I can experience these spiritual realities on a regular basis..

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