Hells Angels and Bikers Against Child Abuse

The other night I had a dream about the Hell’s Angels. I met a young man who said, “Hey Daniel. I know you. Tell me I’m one of the Elect. Tell me I’m one of the Elect.” This word “elect” is a term Jesus used to describe those who are among the called and chosen sons of the Kingdom.

The young man had tattoos all over his body and clearly had a rough upbringing. I said, “Well, here are the Scriptures that have led me to the conclusion that I am one of the Elect.” I laid out a few of them for him.

He despondently said, “I’ve heard it all before.” He went on to explain how he had been raised and what life had been like in what seemed like the Hell’s Angels biker gang. He had to do what was asked of him to serve the gang family though in reality it was a fear based tyranny. Sure, they “had your back” against enemies but this was like surviving in prison more than actually living a free life.

It was clear that this man would need a display of love to convince him of Christ’s love and ability to save him. I chose to truly see what I could do to help him and became willing to die for him. I asked him his name and he told me his first and last name. I was able to find someone who matched the description on facebook.

The gang did not take kindly to my meddling and drugged me. Once I awoke and went home I discovered that they had broken into my home and hung coyote corpses, some very rotting throughout my home as a warning.

The next day after the dream I made contact with the namesake of someone who fit the description on facebook with an encouragement. I prayed for Holy Spirit revival in the Hell’s Angels and for this young man in particular.

When I told my wife about the dream she shared a beautiful example of how Biker gangs fit perfectly in the Kingdom and the Way of Christ as protectors of the innocent and defenders of the weak. Below is an introduction to Bikers Against Child Abuse International on Youtube:

Here is the exact video from FB she saw that she shared with me.

This is so awesome!

It did dawn on me that hell operates with this kind of fear and control and I’m sure that many evil spirits are asking the question, “Can God forgive me? Can I be one of the Elect? Can I be saved?”

I have been exploring the idea from Scripture when Jesus preached to the spirits in prison. Many of you might know I talk about this topic on my radio show and have interviewed people who have brought the message of salvation to that imprisoned in hell with tremendous success. It is entirely biblical for souls in hell to be saved and I have participated in preaching to the spirits in prison. This understanding is what is behind the practice of baptism and for the church practice of praying for those in purgatory.

What do they need? To be shown Christ’s love. We need to connect with the heart of the Father and be willing to lay down our lives for the lost. This is how the Kingdom of love and heaven advance. The frontline consists of those willing to die for their enemies. They are dying because the enemy is taking them up on their offer to die. Then the next round comes and they die as well. Slowly though, hearts are changing and the captives are being set free. Hell is being emptied one by one and Hell’s Angels are becoming sons of the Kingdom.

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