Meeting Jesus in Heaven, Arron McKenzie

Founder at Echad As One Ministries ( ), Arron McKenzie has been walking in the deeper realms of God since he was a young child. As he grew older in a non-Christian home, he experienced supernatural events from having favour with animals of all kinds to predicting world catastrophic events such as earthquakes. 

At age 33 Jesus captivated Arron’s heart in December 1998. A week after his conversion, Arron was in worship and was suddenly covered by a cloud which drifted into his living room and covered him; Arron heard audibly the voice of God. God spoke to Arron as Father and told Arron he was His and adopted into His house as a son. YHVH told Arron “Now it is time to go and teach about Father’s healing love to the nations.” 

2001 Arron and his wife Brenda left for the nations to Iris Global Ministries in Mozambique where he was planted a bible school and feeding centre in South Africa. Arron was ordained and sent by Heidi and Rolland Baker to establish a missions base and open a charity trust in Jerusalem, Israel and a 24/7 house of worship and outreach centre in Bethlehem, West Bank.

Arron walks in a governmental prophetic anointing that transforms the traditional church into the deeper revelation of the Kingdom Of God. Through honouring diverse cultures, Arron has been before Chiefs, Generals and other governmental entities who discovered the love of Jesus.

Now a newly married man from being a widower from a 33-year marriage to his ministry partner in 2017, Arron continues to carry the deeper realms of sonship and the Kingdom of God through the gift of prophecy, Wisdom, Counsel, and healing miracles. Along with Arron’s new wife, Daniela, their passion is to reset and restore the sons and daughters of YHVH into the knowledge of sonship.

Former Co-Founder-Director – Israel at Iris Ministries

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