Love Love Love [Official Music Video]

This months song of the month is a playful, upbeat, and romantic love song about how my wife Catherine and I met & married. Enjoy!

I am releasing this version of this song on the 23rd anniversary of when we first met and a week prior to our 19th wedding anniversary on July 7th. Catherine has been my saving grace and she is my best friend. We still spend time exhausting every thought late into the night and I love it. I love sharing my life with this gem of a human being and I mean that very sincerely.

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our hands touched as we sat on the grass in the park,
on that fourth of july after dark
and the fire in the sky, could not compare,
with the fire that lit up my life
you looked to me and our destiny flashed before my eyes
of how it could be, how it could be, just you and me

holding hands in the forest with our maker before us,
we took our solemn vows
for the first time i knew, that me and you
would never be apart
oh there’s someone to share every joy every care
someone to lean on and trust
and to love love love (someone to love) mmmmmm

if i could live ten thousand lives,
i’d spend every one of them with you by my side
you bring me so much joy and life
a universe opened wide

and now when our daughter keeps on asking for water
long past her time for bed
crying “papa” at midnight, i’ll help her to sleep tight
so you can rest your head
i hope that you dream of lovely things, and what our future holds
i know it is love, love, love, i know it is love

if i could live ten thousand lives,
i’d spend every one of them with you by my side
you bring me so much joy and life
a universe opened wide
you’re an endless holiday, an angel of God’s grace
you have filled my life with love love love

remember how we would talk, exhausting every thought
late into the night
you gave me, sparkling and dreams
& someone to hold thru the night… and so much love love love

Ohhhh love love love

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One thought on “Love Love Love [Official Music Video]

  1. tommyhargrove220

    Just received a COOL revelation.
    Though Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas, may have not thought of this,the character plot of the 60’s tv THE MOD SQUAD,had a supernatural Kingdom of God message. 3 undercover kid cops,working under a seasoned Captain of police,to carry out the special crime assignments he gives them.
    As I was having my morning devotion this morning – going over a series of Holy Spirit, Word-saturated revelations I had written down, the tv show “mod squad” popped into my mind.
    Through the supernatural agencies of physical teleportation,spiritual travel,and supernatural faith,the SBC (SUPERNATURAL BELIEVERS in CHRIST-“the mod squad”) get both their individual and corporate assignments DIRECTLY from “captain Greer” ( the Holy Trinity,and THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD),to carry them out on earth, on a local,national,and international level – to usher in the last great world harvest before the Rapture takes place.SOLID.Edited 7/7/2020

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