My lucky birthday penny

I am not superstitious and I tend not to think much of the significance of numbers, but for years now, every time I see the numbers of my birthdate, (1-17-77) whether it was 1:17 on a clock or something else I would remind myself that God loved me. One time God surprised me on one of the few occasions I have ever golfed. On hole 3 at a par 3 golf course at 117 yards I got a hole in one. (This was definitely not by my own skill. I was using a 3 wood, and the next time I was at that hole I put every ball I had with me into the pond 20 ft from the tee.) I was struck that day that God was saying he loved me in a big and personal way.

lucky pennyAll day long yesterday (1/21/13) I was having reminders that God loved me. It started with a lucky penny I found under my guitar case after a concert. ‘Oh, a lucky penny” I thought, “I wonder what year is on it?’ Wouldn’t you know it was the year I was born – 1977. Then I see my numbers on the odometer on the way back to my folks in law’s house 107117.

When I arrived at the folks place, they surprised me with a belated birthday gift and cake. I told my folks in law about the lucky penny and the odometer. Then my wife said to me, “remember that conversation we were having earlier about following your dreams? Look at this devotional on your birthday.” It read: “We are not to follow our dreams as the world often will tell us, follow Jesus instead” (I think you’re quite in the right to do both because as you follow Jesus, your dreams are God given? What do you think?)

odometerThe craziest part about this story was when I was coming home. I thought, wouldn’t it be wild if the odometer read 107177 as I pulled into our driveway? (All the numbers of my birthday.) It would have been so simple to under or overshoot it but, wouldn’t you know, as we pulled onto the street near our home it clicked over: 107177

Woa! God, what is going on? I guess he just wants me to know I’m loved. And how can you screw that up?

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