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Cover song of “nature boy” by eden ahbez

It was so fun to learn this jazz song written by eden ahbez. It has become an indispensable addition to my repertoire at my concerts in Nursing Homes. The last phrase of the song is SO true and sums up the primary message I wish to convey in all my concerts.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

eden (who insisted on never capitalizing his name but only believed “God” and “Infinity” and the like should be capitalized) was dressing and living like a hippie twenty years before it was fashionable to do so.

eden-at-health-hutIn fact, he was living on vegetables, fruits, and nuts and on less than three dollars a week playing piano and flutes at The Health Hut, a raw food restaurant in L.A. It was rumored that he was camping out right below the “L” in the Hollywood sign when the song hit the airwaves and became a hit.

It is rumored that eden was inspired or heavily influenced by a couple of sources including the music of Antonin Dvorak though he claims to have heard the tune being sung by angels.

After he wrote the song he sought to get it into the hands of Nat King Cole at a concert but only succeeded in getting it to his valet driver. Once Nat became familiar with the song he performed it and received such acclaim that he recorded it in 1947 and it became a big hit for him. Eight weeks at the top of the charts.

I learned so much more about this piece of music here:


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“Worth” New Worship song based on Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

Jesus passion cross

“For when you gave your life, you gave my soul, it’s worth”

These lyrics are from my new Christian worship version (parody) of a Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” which I called “Worth”. Enjoy and sing along to the lyrics below and continue reading for more about this song:



I worship you my God,
For you have saved my soul
You offer me your blood,
You come and make me whole
And when I come undone,
When life has lost it’s sense
You’re there to show the way
A return to innocence


What have I become,
My sweetest friend?
You have made us one,
And You’re with me to the end
So You could have it all,
My empire of dirt
For when you gave your life,
You gave my soul its worth

You spared no expense
To reconcile me
You gave your very best
So I could know your peace
I now stand redeemed
Bought back for sin and death
And now you’ve come so near
You’re closer than my breath


…Yes now you call me friend,
You’ve become my hope,
My heart swells with joy,
A love I’ve never known

Here is another take I did on another guitar:

I have long enjoyed Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” (which happens to be his fourth most popular song of all time). But seriously, is it really edifying? Perhaps for the human element and drama and reality of a drug addict it presents, but I’d rather spend my time listening to music that brings redemption into focus. Wouldn’t you?  So even though the music is beautiful I found it difficult to ever share it at the Nursing homes I play at given its original drug addict theme.

Given the fact that Johnny Cashes first love was Gospel music (he tried to start his career singing only Gospel and left Sun records so he could start recording Gospel) I trust this version has put a big smile on his face in glory and a nod of approval.

I absolutely love these new lyrics that came to me. I thought about starting with something that more people in the world could readily sink their teeth into to reflect how tragic most people’s existence is.  I am mindful of all the criticisms Christian music gets for “not being honest”. I just read one the other day from U2’s Bono who is a Christian.

I asked myself, should I really start with, “I worship you my God”? Is that too trite? Not “honest’ enough for all the people who don’t connect with this?

The more I thought about it the more I reasoned that, instead of going backwards and writing that our meager and paltry experience of God has rendered us thus far, it is time to elevate our experience into glory and the heavens and join with all of creation and all the saints and angels in true worship to our LORD and God Jesus Christ… Who by his sacrifice has now made us friends.

so now we can rejoice in friendship with God

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