Happy Hippie Birthday!

What did I do for my birthday? A photo shoot with my little flower children! Then I put together this music video for my new song, Happy Hippie Birthday!

Available @ https://reflect.bandcamp.com/track/happy-hippie-birthday
Connect: https://www.facebook.com/reflectworship
Official Website: http://reflectworship.com

Featuring ukulele and an authentic 60’s tambourine, this song is sure to brighten anyone’s birthday! ✌☮

What people are saying:

That’s awesome Daniel! I’m not a hippie, but I might become one now. Thanks for sharing!

Love it, Daniel! Just bought it and am going to use it for every birthday for the foreseeable future!!

Thank you Daniel – what a sweet birthday greeting! 😍


I hope you have a hippy birthday
A groovy far out time
Break out your bell bottoms, if ya still got em
And move to the rhythm and rhyme

I hope you have a hippy birthday
Put a flower in your hair
Don’t flip your wig, or be a spaz, ya dig?
Just feel the love in the air!

Beads n braids and Tie Dye shirts
The barbers broke and looking for work
Utopian dreams and tambourines
Changing the world with just six strings

Woodstock is, a yellow little bird
He’s snoopy’s friend, or haven’t ya heard?
Oh Jump on in to a V-dubblyah bus
Be a free spirit sharin nothin but love
oh yea… oh…

I hope you have a hippy birthday
Yes we’re all glad you’re here
Another tree hugger , and a peace lover
May your life be filled with cheer

Happy hippie birthday
Happy hippie birthday
Happy hippie birthday
Have a hippie happy hippie good time!

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