Don’t Worry, Be Hippie

Funniest Hip Hop Hippie song ever! I suppose I can make that claim since it’s the only one of it’s kind! =)

Responses to this song thus far:

“Feelin the vibes, Daniel! Thanks! I love your lyrics, they’re so quotable.”

“I have to say this definitely put a smile on my face. Very cool and funny”

“Hi Daniel, this is great!! I love it…put a smile on my face!! I am a true hippy…..peace & love to you and your beautiful family! So nice to meet other “fun” believers!”

“That was fun. Ok ready for my day now“

“LOL!! I love it! Love the hip hippy happiness… you are so cool man”

Hippie: “A hippie is a person who is comfortable enough with themselves that they do not hold judgements against anyone else. They are usually happy people and tend to/try to spread their happiness everywhere the go. A true hippie does not categorize themselves by the way they dress but by the way they act. To be a hippie is to be a part of the larger view of peaceful activism.” (source: from the internet, so it must be true)

This song was also inspired by Jim Carrey. His humor and commitment to relieving people from concern has become my own mantra as well. And I just learned today that we share the same birthday!


Is your V-dub bus broken down on the road?
And you don’t have the dough to even get it towed?
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Has life on the commune become one bad scene?
And you ran out of patches for your bellbottom jeans?
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Hey, E, I, O, YOU! Be Hippie!

Has your flower power fizzled out in the cold
Did someone put piranhas in your swimming hole
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Were you dancing on the table and you took a spill
Ya got ditched in a Chinese fire drill
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Hey, E, I, O, YOU! Be Hippie!

Did your rock get rolled down a hill with a push?
And ya got your hair stuck in a brambly bush?
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Did the fuzz bust up your groovy happening
Did your dog get drunk on your tonic and gin?
Don’t worry, Be Hippie!

Hey, E, I, O, YOU! Be Hippie!

(Download here for name your price)

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