Immunizations and Autism – Vaxxed

“There is an excess risk of long term adverse health outcomes in those who receive vaccines compared with those who haven’t…” (VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote)

As a parent I care about the health of my children. I’m sure you do as well. Many of you have heard about this link between vaccines and autism. I firmly believe this link exists, not for any other reason than that because the Center for Disease Control (CDC) itself did a study that shows a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism! Which is becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Of course they didn’t choose to do the right thing, and money spoke louder than this inconvenient truth, so it was suppressed. As explained in the interview above, those in charge of the study were told to destroy the evidence. An employee from within the CDC who was involved in the study made copies of these reports and, finally, after ten years of suppression, found a legal way to get the information out to the public. That’s what I gathered from the above interview.

Meanwhile, millions more infants are poisoned daily and cash is made.

This is such a HUGE story! How could anyone not care about this? Who isn’t affected? (Or infected?)

Have we been deceived by our government about vaccines? (Our government calls these a biologic). Why are immunizations themselves immune from the same scrutiny (and even lawsuits) that other pharmaceutical drugs are subject to?

I’m beginning to wonder, is our own government using this biological warfare against us all in the form of vaccines?

How could I not ask these questions when the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suppressed and attempted to destroy their own study – evidence linking MMR vaccines to autism developing in children?

That is what the Documentary movie, Vaxxed – From Cover up to Catastrophe, is all about.

I found it on Youtube:

My Opinion:

It seems like a really stupid idea, and quite unnatural, to pump all kinds of diseases that were incubated in the cells harvested from aborted children into our babies. I do not credit immunizations for better worldwide health. I believe the truth is quite the opposite.

I’d encourage you to watch the above interview and be informed for the sake of your children.

Here is an important (and very sharable!) article from a RN:

Here is another Documentary that anyone interested in this topic should investigate:

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2 thoughts on “Immunizations and Autism – Vaxxed

  1. Michael Basham

    Reblogged this on StarSword and commented:
    Blast’m Deadly Vaccines!!

  2. Samuel Vang

    I came to this realization back in 2010 after learning about naturopathic medicine. Some many christians are so obedient to state authority they just continue the vaccination schedule without thinking on their own. I’m glad you posted this.

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