Encountering Jesus, He is Love!

I had a very interesting convo with a lady today at a nursing home who told me a remarkable story. Her story:

“When I was eighteen years old I was quite a sinner. My friend invited me to go to a bar out in the country. I agreed to go but regretted that decision soon after I arrived. My father was an alcoholic so I didn’t have a great feeling about being at this bar in the first place. I became very frightened and then my friend abandoned me there with no ride home.

I was so scared and did not know what to do. Suddenly, I felt a loving presence behind me.”

(She explained how she was a middle child and that her parents had favored and shown love to her siblings and left her out. She had felt woefully unloved.)

“But now, in this bar in my hour of need, I was receiving a love I had always needed,” she said. “Of course I knew it was Jesus. I turned and saw him. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen.”

(Of course we must realize that Jesus can appear in different forms as he did to his disciples after his resurrection or even at his transfiguration on the mountain, so to describe “what he looked like” is completely besides the point!)

“He embraced me, picked me up and carried me out of the bar and set me down on the grass outside. We sat there together and he took my hand and looked out into the night sky and he said, “Lovely evening isn’t it?”

He then vanished into thin air and I soon became frightened again. He spoke comforting words telepathically to me and then I was supernaturally translated (teleported) back into my house in my bed and Jesus was pulling the covers over me. It was such an unforgettable and amazing experience.”

She then went on to say, “You will receive persecution Daniel. The persecution will come mostly from those in God’s family whose hearts are not open. But don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to suffer persecution.

The day will come when members of your own family will turn against you. The days are coming when more true believers in Jesus will be beheaded for their faith, even here in America. America is in distress as never before. Persecutions and tribulations are coming.”

So what do you think?

I was amazed at her story and how confirming it was to other stories I have been encountering. I think God has me on a path to shed some light on this topic of Real Jesus Encounters and Supernatural Phenomena.

I have been increasingly aware of how the Lord is moving his saints more into experiencing the supernatural!

I just continue to be amazed that the Word of God is true in ways that most simply cannot or will not accept. The Truth is wonderfully exciting and meant to be experienced for yourself!

I’d love to see the foundation of Christianity shift from fear to what it is supposed to be… childlike trust! A fear based faith seems like an oxymoron to me.

Since the topic was raised once again today for me (her supernatural translation) I want to ask you, the believer:

When you read about Philips teleportation in Scripture does it cause you to want to experience it for yourself?

Why ever not?

If we are childlike in our faith, the kind that Jesus commends, will we not be open and curious? Wouldn’t we take risks? Wouldn’t we completely trust and be completely dependent on God as children are with their parents? Wouldn’t we have a sense of adventure and excitement about life and our walk with God? (Supernatural or otherwise).

How is Christianity presented today in America? Is it dull and boring? Judgemental, fearful and fear-mongering, suspicious, distrusting, and wildly superstitious? I can see why my friend would tell me, as he did the other day, that the life the devil offers seems more exciting so he will just remain a prodigal a little longer.

I’m tired of playing the prodigal myself I want to come home and stay home! I want to participate in kingdom life and “do what Jesus did” just like Jesus said I would:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” John 14:12

How about you? Will you pray for me that I go deeper in my walk with God and experience all there is for a human to experience of him in this life?

One thing the lady told me today when speaking of Jesus:

“He is love, He is love, He is love”.

I thought she was prophetically quoting my song I had just been listening to in my car called He is Love. It will appear on our new album “Reflect Love” that is coming out soon.

Here is my live version I recorded right after I wrote it:


He is Love

If you can’t see past your pain and confusion
If you feel alone and overwhelmed by what you face
If the circumstances of your heart feel too hard to navigate
And you feel so very far, far away

You’ve got to know there is joy beyond this heartache
You need to see there is peace behind this storm
It all will change in just a moment with Jesus
As his light drives the darkness away

He is love, He’s all around you
He is love, He’s come and found you
Feel His loving arms surround you
He is love, He is love, He is love

And if you’re broken and bewildered
And if you’re drowning in your pain
And if the sadness of depression
Weighs you down every day… just know that…

He is love, He’s all around you
He is love, He’s come and found you
Feel His loving arms surround you
He is love, He is love, He is love

He knows your name
He feels your pain
He cares more deeply than you’ll ever know

He is love, He’s all around you
He is love, He’s come and found you

If you can’t see past your pain and confusion
If you feel alone and overwhelmed by what you face
And the circumstances of your heart feel too hard to navigate
Jesus is here to heal you now, for He is love

You will love the studio version! I can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned and subscribe to this blog or go to our website: www.reflectworship.com and join our mailing list.

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2 thoughts on “Encountering Jesus, He is Love!

  1. This is post is amazing to me and here is why… Today on my way to brother Joe’s to pray I was pondering and meditating on how God is love… Then during prayer I asked Jesus to give me the grace I’ll need to have if I were ever to be beheaded for my faith in him…. I also asked him to stir the waters in my heart and others as well with the willingness to allow the Holy Spirits gifts to manifest… I prayed in so doing it would not only draw the lost to him it would add to the excitement of knowing him along with a deeper desire to know him on much more deeper levels… It would give us more hunger for his word and more desire to live holy and pure… What I’m getting at is this blog you posted lined up with all my prayers this morning which leads me to believe the Lord really wants to move through us and others as well… In so doing I due believe he is also preparing us to suffer a whole lot of persecution especially from those in the church that would rather through folks with such rich desires under the bus than get on the bus… But I’m here to tell ya Daniel the bus is rolling and I’m very honored to be aboard with you my dear brother!!!

  2. I recently read something about how the fourth dimension includes such things as time travel, teleportation, and inter-dimensional spirit travel (all of which can occur during what is biblically called a “vision” – this is what the prophets really experienced!).

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