You Don’t Know Nothing!

I just realized the title was a double negative… which means you do know something. =)

I was arguing with my four-year old Ellie over lunch today when she said she knows everything. I said, “You don’t know everything.”

“Yes I do”, she replied.

“Ok, So what does pernicious mean? How bout undeterred?” (My wife at that point gave me a look and shook her head indicating that I should not share the joke about that last word… you just have to think about it for a moment and you’ll get it.)

jesus-scrabble“You don’t even know all the two letter words!!!” At which point I googled ‘list of two letter words’ and came across a scrabble list… Come on scrabble!?! These can’t be actual words! My wife and I didn’t even know 10% of two letter words!

We, apparently know next to nothing.

But then I explained to my girl that it isn’t knowing facts that’s the thing, but knowing people. I explained to her that because I know mama then in time, hypothetically, I could come to know everything she knows… but why would I need to? She can know what she knows and I can know what I know and we can compliment each other. The same is true of Jesus.

So since Jesus knows everything I asked him about where our lost iPod was. I listened and heard, “try behind Ellie’s bed”.

I looked behind her bed and nothing. I was kind of depressed.

I can’t even hear God correctly. When is my faith ever gonna deepen to where this connection is tangible and accurate? I encouraged myself with some of the other things I knew were good in our relationship and went to play my concerts.

When I came home Catherine said, “did you try behind our bed?”

So I got down to look. (Incidentally, Ellie’s other little kid bed is right next to ours.)

I looked left, I looked right, and there, behind Ellie’s bed was the lost iPod.

How is God speaking to you recently? Have a story to share? Leave a comment.

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