Got to give Jesus some props!

I went for a run tonight. I was a mile into it going strong at a good 8 minute mile pace when I thought to take some time to pray.

‘Jesus, speak to me’, I thought. He said, ‘I want you to stop running.’

‘What?’ I thought, ‘I am out here to run a 5K and I’d rather have it uninterrupted, thank you very much.’

I was thinking he was going to chide me for using my Mapmyrun app on my phone to boast about my fitness (I know I still brag and take pride in my achievements and use my fitness as a way to be admired and respected. I wrote about it here: You have God’s Permission to Brag.)

‘Just stop running. I want you to stop running.’

‘Why? Give me a good reason……….. Fine. I’ll pause my run so you can chide me for being so worldly and so full of pride.’

I took out my phone to pause my workout and noticed that my “Live Tracking” button was not enabled and according to MapMyRun, I had traveled .15 miles at a 32 minute per mile pace. “WHAT?”

‘Now you can continue.’

“THANK YOU JESUS!” I shouted! “You are SO awesome! You just wanted to make me aware that the app which I use to boast to the world wasn’t working properly.”

He didn’t chide me, he just loved me.


Running for me was a special thing when I was young. As a twelve-year-old I would take my bulky yellow Walkman and go run three or four miles listening to David Meece, Candle in the Rain. (Listening to it now in fact! You can too below. So many  memories.)

As a child I ran the famous seven mile Bloomsday race with my dad. My face was featured on the cover of National Geographic Young Explorer for a youth running event. The entire class at my elementary school would run a mile (every day I think) and I would almost always finish first. I remember running at an event at school and getting 5th place or something. (During this race there was this older girl behind me short of breath and saying, “Aren’t you getting tired? Don’t you want to slow down?” In fact I was getting exhausted but her comments spurred me on.)

While driving home from anywhere I would often ask me dad to drop me off several miles from home so I could run the rest of the way home. I was a regular Forrest Gump. “Run Forrest! Run!”

I’ve always loved to run.


For the last ten years or so I couldn’t run over a couple of miles without my knees cramping up and being in extreme pain. If I pushed it I would limp for a while. This last summer I attempted a 5K. I was determined to finish running, no matter how slow, no matter how much pain. I did nearly the last mile limping and in extreme pain. Well, after that I decided running wasn’t for me anymore.

When I got my first smart phone through Republic wireless (cheap and great plan btw!) I was excited about checking out some of the free apps. Of course I was glad to see MapMyRun and other fitness apps. My brother-in-law inspired me to try another 5K. So on October 1st I ran a 5K.

The pain was gone! I was so excited that I have since just kept running. I have experienced pain-free running ever since!

God is good to me. I think, one way or another, he healed me.

My goal became to attain an 8 minute mile average. At the end of October I did it! Not a second over, not a second under. My facebook post: “I was shouting “Praise you Jesus!” “Thank you God!” for allowing me to reach my 8 minute mile goal tonight!”

I was shouting praise to Jesus at midnight in the park, just full of joy. He allowed me to reach my goal and he was right there in the midst of it smiling on me and sharing the moment with me. Awesome!

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One thought on “Got to give Jesus some props!

  1. Marilyn Lovett

    Daniel I used to run to but now its swimming and I am so grateful that between physical therapy and a shot in my piriformis after my fall that I am up to 24 laps again on my way to 36 and that’ll be a mile. And I am in my 70th year of life so keep running, keep healthy, and keep listening to Jesus. I love you son!

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