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Pro-life Committee Scam!

Today I received a call from a scam going by the name Pro-life Committee. I had the distinct impression that they had prerecorded certain phrases and based on your response the listener/handler/con-artist would press certain buttons based on what you said. I wasn’t actually talking to a human being.

My conversation went very much/exactly like this one reported on this website:

A woman called and asked if I was pro life. When I said yes, she said it was an honor to speak with me. She asked for my address because she wanted to send me a letter. Then she asked for a $75 donation. I said I could not pledge, but send the organization’s info and I’d think about it. She said it is expensive to mail and she needs a pledge to send me a letter. I said, skip the letter save your money and give me your web address. She said, I can do that but how about a pledge of $100. I said I can’t make a commitment and I have to get back to work now. Then she said, think about the sweet little babies dying if you don’t help. Then I knew it was a scam. Who says that? I said something like, wow you are a slick sales person. I’ll check your website and I am hanging up.

I am sharing this to remind you to be wise. I don’t want anyone to suffer the loss of thinking you are “doing good” and end up finding that you are funding con artists instead.

Here is another article on this particular scam outfit

On a more positive note, I recorded a very positive pro-life song years ago. Yes, there were tears as I was recording it. You can listen to my song “tiny hands” and read the story about this song here:


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