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To Know You More, New Worship Song

To Know You More

I sing for joy, in the shadow of your wings
I cling to you, your love is unfailing
For you hold me in your arms secure
Dmaj7 E
Faithful your friendship will endure

You are the source of love we’re desperate for
You are the force, that awakens us to more
You gave your blood, our sin you overcame
In your love we remain


F#m You are all that we,
D Could ever hope and we,
A Give our all that we,
E Could know you more ….. To know you more

And when I think of what a friend I’ve been to you
It is astounding that you’ve remained so true
But I am thankful, You’ve never given up
On me, O let me be, faithful to you

Daniel Lovett 2016

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