Home, a New Song

This song exists because of my six year old daughter who, right before bedtime, said, “Papa, I have a song on my mind.” She sang the opening two lines of this song, words and melody. I was awe struck. “Is she hearing angels sing this because that was really good!”


Hide away from the darkness
Hide away from the pain
Try to escape all that’s heartless,
But it seems a waiting game

I’ve been running for a while now
I’ve been running on my own
Heart’s been aching for a while now
Ever since I left home


So I’m coming home,
I’m coming home
I’m longing for belonging
I’m longing for a home

I’m a mixed juxtaposition
A puzzle piece out of place
And I don’t have a recognition
of where I fit into this space

I can’t check any of your boxes
Don’t want the ditch on either side
My heart feels full of paradoxes
But I’m okay with this collide


In the heart of my Father
I am complete
I have no need to wander
For I have found Peace

In the heart of my Father (x4)

In the heart of my Father
I have found home

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2 thoughts on “Home, a New Song

  1. Marilyn Porter

    Beautiful just amazing!

  2. Beautiful song! Love it. Probably my favorite of yours so far. Way to go, Emma!

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