Exposing The Family International Cult

David Berg started the cult formerly known as Children of God in 1968. I have written about this cult before in my Blog entitled Christian Sex Cult including a dream which specifically led me to expose this cult. Please read it to better understand what this cult is all about. It’s definitely worth reading!

My greatest motivation for doing this is that people will never fall prey to this (or any other) cult and to bring healing to the hearts of all who have been abused (sexually or otherwise) by The Family International. To the latter I would say:

Jesus didn’t do this to you! His heart breaks for you and he wants to heal you and bring you through this!

Just tonight in my continued research to expose this demonic cult, I came across this interview with sisters Kristina, Celeste, and Juliana:

It is saddening, shocking, disturbing what this cult did to these women.

not without my sisterTonight I bought their book “Not Without My Sister” and have invited these women to be interviewed on my radio show, Sozo Talk Radio (www.sozotalkradio.com).

They are more than survivors and I’m so proud of them. They have overcome some of the worst trauma Satan has to offer – and the most perverse part is that it was done in Jesus name!

It’s just like Satan to blame God for what he and evil men do. There are so many victims stories I’ve come across where they have abandoned Jesus altogether because his name has been so maligned.

But Jesus never abandons them. And, even though the enemy has perverted his Name Jesus will make it right in the end and comfort the brokenhearted victims of this great evil.

Please continue to pray for these women and pray for God to inspire people to make right decisions and act on behalf of the children still trapped in this cult.

I have a friend who came out of this cult whose daughter is being held and she was not allowed to see my friend for many months. He is working with the legal system to get visiting rights of his own daughter.

Here is 20/20 Expose that followed a women’s story as she tries to get back her children from this cult in Thailand:

It was gut wrenching watching this and the saddest part about this Expose was when they interviewed the children at the end.

How does someone get un-brainwashed? How long does it take?

I can say from personal experience, it takes a while for someone to humble themselves to admit they were wrong or that you were following the wrong person.

David Berg was definitely “the wrong person” to follow. He led his followers into darkness and preached and promoted hell. I really don’t believe he knew the real Jesus but an antichrist demonic imposter.

How do I know this?

David Berg felt justified by his “Jesus” to rape little girls and encourage all his followers into this kind of sexual immorality. Do you really want to know the details?

I assure you David Berg was possessed by the worst kind of demons. Unless he somehow found repentance, I am convinced he is now experiencing the very hell he spent his life creating now that he is in the afterlife.

Help me expose this demonic cult!

ps. If your “Jesus” says sin is alright, then you are likely following an AntiChrist imposter as well. Sin is anti-love and God is love. Get acquainted with what love really is by reading the Scriptures asking the author, Holy Spirit, to illuminate the Truth as you immerse your mind in the Word of God.

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4 thoughts on “Exposing The Family International Cult

  1. Anne Work

    Makes me absolutely sick! Thought about it so much yesterday and prayed for those kids now grown up that God would heal them all by His mercy and make sure they are safely in His tender loving care as lambs in the Good Shepherds fold. Mom, too. And the total thwarting of that group where it still exists. And the urgent healing for all those involved in this wickedness. Thank you, Daniel , for sharing that!

  2. Michael Basham

    Reblogged this on Michael Basham's Mother Ship and commented:
    We’re finding a balance with the TFI VS True Children of David of the End!

  3. anoy

    Family international organization is operating in india. Katrina kaifs mother and another man who calls himeself Jesse were actively trying to recruit people by holding bible study type classes but they were actually teaching the 12 foundation stone classes in chennai. Katrina kaif also supports her mother s charities which are basically family orgaizations. Her mothers partner Mr. Jesse also misbehaved with one of my female friends who they were trying to recruit.
    Also they would pass out their activated magazines.
    From Chennai they would take us to Bangalore to have their retreat sessions. its taken me a long time to post this.

    My hope is that exposing their activities would bring greater scrutiny and thus prevent abuses from happening.
    In the link below, on the right side you can see suzane and Jesse.(Not Sure if thats his real name or Jesse tincher


    • anoy

      tried to post this in xfamily.org but not bale to submit any articles there… please share this on that site…

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