Brand New Christmas Music!

What Child is This

What Child Is This?

Great question right? Who is Jesus? Can any of us afford to ignore him? Reject him or rebel against him? Would any one of us not be drawn to him if we were to see Jesus for who he truly is?

Don’t you find Jesus Irresistible and Wonderful and want everyone to know him and love him? Our little 4 year old girl prays often that everyone in the world would “come to know and love you Jesus”.

I had no idea when I began recording this Christmas song that it would turn into what is has become and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Please take a moment to give it a listen and we would be delighted if you would also give it a thumbs up Screenshot 2017-12-16 01.54.30and share it on Facebook?  (Copy and paste this link: We depend on your loving support to get our music heard!

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Screenshot 2017-12-16 01.45.55

A Hip Hop influenced Hark the Herald Angels Sing! Super fun!

At first I was more than a little concerned that I would be able to do anything interesting with this song. But then all the happy accidents ensued as I played around in the studio with various sounds and drum beats. Enjoy!

The Huron Carol

Screenshot 2017-12-16 15.05.34.png

And in case you missed our very acoustic Native American Christmas song, you must give The Huron Carol a listen! It features the sound of nails rolling down a blanket… I mean how could you pass that up right?

(Read More Here about this Song)

Again please Subscribe, Give the Videos a Screenshot 2017-12-16 01.54.30, and Screenshot 2017-12-16 01.56.33.png these videos with some friends!

Merry Christmas!

Partnering with you for the Kingdom of God and Christ’s Love,

Daniel & Catherine Lovett

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