You Have Come Into My Life Lord Song

Have you ever written a song? It is truly a wonderful experience that I believe most everyone is capable of. Maybe you should try it? What would you write about? This song was written by Geri and sung by Catherine Lovett and our daughter Elisabeth:

You Have Come Into My Life Lord
By Geri Vandenbusch

You have come into my life Lord
You have shared your love divine
You have filled a great big emptiness
In this wondrous heart of mine
Now let me do your holy will Lord
Just as you would want me to
So that every day will be a joy,
Sharing every hour

Let me be your faithful child,
Help me walk that daily path
Knowing what you want of me each day
Guiding me along the way
There is only one thing that I want
It’s to show my love for you
By being kind and loving others
Just as you have taught me to

You have blessed me with your peace Lord
We are now in one accord
You have touched me with your Spirit
What a comforting reward
I know that I can never thank you
so I’ll live every day
Hoping I may touch another life
In a very special way

I know that you will never leave me
For you promised in your word
You would always be there at my side
If in you I would abide
So for the rest of my life here on earth
I will live for you alone
Until you take me up to be with you
On that great eternal throne

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