Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

We need to remind ourselves who God truly is. He is Good. He is love. And His mercy triumphs over judgement. Sing along to this beautiful and identity affirming song.

Lyrics for Mercy, from A Brave New World, by Amanda Cooke.

My past embraced
My sin forgiven
I’m blameless in Your sight
My history rewritten

Cause You delight in showing mercy
And mercy triumphs over judgement

Oh Love, great Love
Fear cannot be found in You
And there will never be a day
You’re uncertain of the ones you choose
So I will awake
And spend my days
Loving the One who has raised me up
From death to life
From wrong to right
You’re making all things beautiful

My wife and I are loving this song lately. I shared it for the first time in a friends living room earlier tonight (well, at least as much of it as I knew). We gathered to pray and worship God. We need to be doing this more. Especially as the Lord Jesus (Adonai Yeshua) on his way. Well, no matter what his coming IS closer now than it ever has been. The enemy is panicking as he sees the Church Awaken to who God really is. He is getting desperate.

The enemy is losing his grip. People are turning away from sin and coming home to their loving heavenly Papa. All of heaven is breaking out in celebration as more and more people are joining the loving family of God. Religious bondage is being broken over others as they are shown that God is Love and He is Good and inviting us into enjoying our union with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The scales are falling off of people’s eyes. Believers are seeing God in a new light and it’s bringing a whole lot of healing and intimate connection

Tonight we prayed for twins who were just born and not expected to live through the night. Later, while we were praying about demonic harassment in the form of fear and nightmares, I get a call from my wife that my little girl woke up screaming and thrashing around. All my children were crying back home, so we prayed for them.

Please pray for us. Love you all!

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One thought on “Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

  1. First thing this morning I talked with my daughter, rather enthusiastically about how she is a warrior princess. She is decked out in all the armor (described in Ephesians 6) and has a blue flaming sword and knows parkour. Besides which, i informed her she has Jesus with her and in her, surrounded by fire and filled with glory, and to top it all off she can call on warrior angels to come to her aid.

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