Will Meets Jesus

I came across a video by Will on Youtube about how he met Jesus. It was amazing. In fact it was one of those videos I had to revisit from time to time. I shared his story with my daughters and part of his testimony became a thing we say around the house from time to time. Something Jesus said to Will in his powerful testimony of his experience:

“Will, What’s up my dude?”

It’s pretty cute hearing my three old say, “What’s up my dude?”

Some of the comments included, “Best thing on the internet”, “I can see the joy of Jesus in your heart”, “Your testimony moved me”.

Here is some of Will’s story as best as I can recall although sadly it will not be infused with Will’s awesome joyful attitude:

Will was an atheist as a teenager. He thought those Christians were crazy and had nothing to do with them. And then God showed up in his life. God spoke quite clearly to him, “Will, I want you to follow me.”

Will knew that this was God and said, “Bad timing dude. I’m just about to go to college and live the party life.” God respectfully left.

Will then pursued drugs and girls and made a complete mess of his life and broke his own heart with his sin.

When he was at a very low point Will looked out the window and saw a light hovering down the street and this light floated right through the wall and into the room of where he was.

“Will, What’s up my dude?” Jesus said.

And he was like, “Woah, is that you Jesus?”

“Yea Will, it’s me, and I am the great problem solver.”

He was shown a vision of rubiks cubes all lined up on a table that stretched out as far as the eye can see and as soon as a stopwatch was pressed, Jesus stood by having solved all the rubiks cubes.

“I can solve all the problems in your life. Just give them to me.”

Pretty awesome right?

Just as a side note, unless we are new wine skins we will burst and be ruined when God pours out the new wine… and he is pouring it out. Are you ready for it?

So what do you think of Will’s testimony? Watch it for yourself here:


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