The Very Best Show on Netflix January 2017!

I met someone today who didn’t have a subscription to Netflix. I was proud of him and said, “Well, no need to start now. It’s just more money in their pocket and if you can live without it, that’s awesome. There isn’t much that’s very clean on Netflix anyway – and most of the material that Netflix produces is especially corrupt and wicked and stains the souls of those who watch it.”

But, that being said, if you are one of the lemmings in the Netflix herd heading for the cliffs of insanity (ha!), then the winner for the very best show you could possibly watch is…

drumroll please….



No spoilers here!

The show is set in Seattle and the premise is that there are travellers from the future who have come to the 21st to save us from ourselves. The travellers jump into a “host” who was, by historical records, scheduled to die anyway. The traveller resumes the host’s life and follows (or at least is supposed to) follow certain protocols. One of which is to never take another human life.

The first episode was a little hard to watch. It was gritty and raw and could be off-putting for certain people. It was for my wife. She would never have gotten past the first episode if I hadn’t of recommended the show to her so adamantly.

I enjoyed this show more than I could say and, halfway through, pulled an all-nighter to finish the series. Now I get to watch it again with my wife one episode at a time! When was there a show you’d be happy to watch again?

I fell in love with every one of these characters and it is very well thought out and executed. There are so many powerful scenes on par with the best of the show Breaking Bad. The show is fairly clean and uses profanity quite sparingly with very few (and very mild by todays standards) romantic scenes.

I cannot wait to find out what happens next! More seasons please!


I woke up thinking about this show and how we should all live our lives as if we were a traveller from the future here to save the world and make it a better place. May we all, by the power of Jesus Christ, overcome the constant onslaught of the enemy and start living our lives on purpose and on mission. There is a mission we are all called to be apart of. It starts with this:

“Love the person you happen to be with in the moment”

Go through life doing this and you are being the difference maker this world needs. God is SO going to help you fulfill this mission for love is at the core of his heart.


Immediately after posting on a subject, I tend to mull things over and reexamine my views on things. Especially if I recommend anything! Well, this time was no different.

I was rehearsing some of the scens that provided commentary about the Christian faith for instance. They questioned some of the foolish and hateful things those claiming the name of Christ have done. A reference was made to the the “poison koolaid Christians” who commited mass suicide.

I was thinking about a misguided “Christ follower” who murdered an abortion doctor in the foyer of a church. (There’s a story like this in the show). I remember when I first heard about this I thought, “and justice is served”. Is this an attitude I picked up from the heart of God? I think not. I don’t believe a murder is justified even if it is of a mass murderer lie this abortionist. Right?

Anyway, leave a comment to tell me how you enjoyed the show!

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