A Reflect Worship Christmas Concert!


Enjoy this five song Christmas concert we filmed in our living room after the kids were asleep. (Parents, you know how that goes).

If you live near Green Bay, Catherine and I want to invite you to a concert with the whole band featuring our latest project, favorite worship songs, and some new songs we are excited to share with you! Mark your calendars:

March 3rd 2017 @ 7:30 at
The Cup Of Joy
232 S. Broadway
Green Bay WI 54914

Since I am a writer, I have written several blogs about why these carefully chosen songs mean so much to us. They can be found on our band website www.reflectworship.com. We begin the concert with a brand new version of the Native American Christmas song:

The Huron Carol. (Read all about this song here!)

O Little Town of Bethlehem – “…Cast out our sin, and enter in, be born in us today…” Those lyrics of the song remind me of what Jesus had to say about being born again. Ever wonder what it means to be born again?

John doesn’t start his Gospel talking about Christ’s birth like some of the others, but begins by talking about someone else’s birth…” (Read more Here)

Center of the Angels Songs – “…Lamb of God, Savior to all…”

This song is all about the names of Jesus. There is most always something very significant about names in Scripture. John (whose name means “grace”) introduces Jesus (whose name means “I AM Salvation”) as, “the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”

The first, and arguably the most important of the Jewish feasts, was… (Read more Here)

Joy To The World – “…Do we think of Jesus as “full of Joy”? I think that all too often we remember him as a man well acquainted with sorrow and grief. This is true, but I will postulate that there is also no one who could ever hold a candle to the kind of Joy Jesus knew and displayed as well. This is part of why he was SO attractive to the innumerable crowds that walked for miles to see Jesus and encounter his love.

Scripture tells us that in the Lord’s Presence there is fullness of joy and at his right hand, pleasures evermore. Do we believe this? …”(Read more Here)

What song do you think we should include in a Christmas album? What is your favorite Christmas song and Why? Let me know! Leave a comment!

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