Dream about Christ the Rock Church

One day I was walking down the street near the homeless shelter and I saw all of my wine paraphernalia on the side of the road. Yes, I used to make wine. I even made a label with a lion that read, “Danielion Wine – Wisconsin Country Wines”. Making wine wasn’t exactly the brightest idea I’ve ever had. As if alcohol can heal a broken heart. Over the years I have poured out far more gallons then I ever drank.

There was a 5 gallon bucket of dandelion wine brewing and a few single gallons of cider sitting in the grass between the sidewalk and the street. This is where you put things you want others to take off your hands.  I continued walking down the street.

Later that evening I was walking past it again and I took two of the ciders which were ready to drink around to the back door and let some people know that they were there and that someone would take them if they left them there. “I know” one tall skinny man with extra melanin in his skin and black short curly hair and a mustache said. “You can have them. The guy who they belonged to doesn’t want them anymore.” As he walked with me back out to the street he lit a cigarette he told me, “He went to the hospital and now that he is back, this is all he does all day.” He demonstrated by lying down on the ground all sprawled out and restlessly tossed about… and then stood back up and casually took another drag on his cigarette.

“Well, I live far away. I’d have to come back with my car” I said as I set the gallon jugs back on the grass into the same circle indents they had made by being there for so long.

Immediately this man morphed into a lady I knew who had given some prophecies about a big church in the area named Christ the Rock. I told her that I had a dream I’d like to share with her about Christ the Rock. “Are you interested in hearing it?” I asked. One bystander told her, “You better want to hear it and listen up.”

I began:

“I was at a service at Christ the Rock. (Incidentally, we were facing South which is opposite of how it is now). I was sitting near the back and I observed two lines of people walking up to receive prayer from the elders.” I started crying. I was wishing my dream was true. That there was a church that honored the Holy Spirit here in Appleton that was willing to get messy and do real Jesus ministry. (Don’t judge me for my dream thoughts and no offense to any church that does this, I just haven’t found you or trust you yet). Between sobs I could barely get out the next sentences, “Everyone was being delivered from demons.” More crying. “I watched as one lady flailed about as the demons left her…” I started crying so hard I could not continue… and then, I woke up

I was telling her about a dream that I had about 6 months prior. This is how that dream ended:

The elders had a real tough time restraining people and they writhed about as the demons left them. They were getting a real workout. Finally I saw a very pregnant woman go up for prayer. She collapsed dead on the floor and some men carried her out the side door to the waiting ambulance.

One man stood up and asked, “Is there anyone here who has the faith to come with me to raise that woman and her baby from the dead?” I raised my hand along with a few others. We all piled into a car and drove off. Unfortunately, we did not know where the ambulance had taken her.

The man spoke up, “Alright, who believes that we can raise that baby from the dead right here, right now?” as we drove along.

We started praying. I began to hear a baby cry. Suddenly a blue baby blanket materialized out of thin air. Then the baby arrived alive and well right there into the moving cars back seat, right onto our laps.

God is good. Is there anything impossible for him?

More and more believers in Jesus are entering into and operating in the kingdom of God – the kingdom of love, as the Scriptures say – where dreams and visions, prophetic abilities, and supernatural powers from God are released into those who are childlike and fully abandoned to their loving heavenly Papa and committed to doing what Jesus commands… Loving others!

Are you in?

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