This Man’s Story Changed My Life


A little over two years ago I heard Howard Storm’s for the first time. It changed the course of my life forever and healed my heart. I remember telling Catherine his story and weeping. Why my reaction? Because his story is fairly similar to my own. Please take the time to listen. You won’t be sorry that you did.


So Howard died and was escorted by familiar spirits into darkness. Howard had failed at life and was flushed down the toilet bowl of the universe. He went to hell.

I was so moved when Howard speaks of how the glimmer of hope entered his heart, and describes the pin prick of light that appeared and grew more and more glorious when he called out to Jesus to save him.

This described my own experience so very well.

I remember well the glorious moment in 2006 when the spark of hope lit in my heart. The glorious Light of Jesus has been growing ever since!

Jesus saved me from a very dark and utterly hopeless place. The stark terror, the despair and deep depression I had experienced I would not wish upon anyone.

There was even times along this journey that I thought exactly what Howard thought, that Jesus made a mistake and that I don’t belong.

Jesus has personally assured me, “You’re going to be with me forever!”

You are too if you trust in him!

Love you all!


The story continues:

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