Did Paul consider himself a sinner?

Reading this right now, and as someone who struggled with an Identity crisis for years I certainly appreciate the clarity of this post. I have been promoting people who preach the opposite, who still consistently and depressingly say, “I’m a sinner saved by grace, I’m the worst sinner I know, etc…” and then their actions inevetibly follow the way they see themselves. What do you think?

In My Father's House

The_Apostle_Paul_-_RembrandtWas Paul, the apostle, trying to identify himself as the “worst” of sinners in 1 Timothy 1:15? Did he consider himself just a “sinner saved by grace” like many evangelical Christians do today. I know I thought that for most of my Christian life.

This post is in response to comments from my last post, where I mentioned that, in Christ, we’re no longer to consider ourselves as sinners (even though we may still sin.) This is an important topic that deserves attention because it cuts to the heart of how we see ourselves in Christ.

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