Declare Your Love for Jesus!

“I just want to declare my love for Jesus, because he so publicly and painfully declared his love for me.”

Declare your love for Jesus!

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One thought on “Declare Your Love for Jesus!

  1. This song was a collaboration with Bruno Mars. Bruno had said to Jason Ma, “This song could have been something! It could have gone somewhere. Why did you have to mention Jesus?”

    For a long time my blood would boil when I remembered this. I held a grudge against Bruno. Most of his music is vile and wicked and reflects a wicked generation. But the song “Love” challenges us to love our enemies… like Jesus did. Are we willing to do that? Hold no records of wrongs? For real?

    Bruno Mars, I forgive you. I leave to the mercy of Jesus. I pray his grace and favor upon you and your life. May you come to know him and to love him. I’d love to have you for a brother. Jesus will forgive everything just as he continues to forgive me. Peace!

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