The Great Grace Debate

John Crowder is certainly a controversial character… but, so was Jesus (Have you ever read the Gospel of John?!?!). And yet, I sincerely love this guy. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I listen to him and he cheers me right up… with a clear presentation of the Gospel! Does this mean I think he is right about everything he says? No. But perhaps this is because I’m wrong and need some of my theology challenged in light of the Scripture he’s bringing to the table. Isn’t it funny how we use ourselves as the measurement for what is true? Within each one of us are a myriad of things we accept as truth that have gone unchallenged for most of our lives.

One of the things John Crowder says often is, “Be a good Berean.” The Bereans were people who the apostle Paul noted were more fair-minded or open-minded who didn’t just discount the things Paul said because it didn’t fit with all their preconceived ideas but they studied the Scriptures themselves to see if what is being said was according to the truth of Scripture.

Some people (with “good” reason) avoid John Crowder altogether. They think he is dangerous. They are right. He is dangerous! But dangerous to who? To the kingdom of light or darkness? Will John Crowder mess people up or bring them closer to Christ? Mess them up in a good way or bad?

Of course I like most of my brothers in the faith. I struggle to like the religious tyrants, but in the grand scheme of things even religious tyrants likely have their place and have a role to fulfill as well. From my understanding the Lord Jesus saved John Crowder out of a serious drug addiction, and his ministry started out geared toward those addicted to drugs. His message was to them, “Hey, Jesus is a better high… the best high of all.” He has been criticized for “acting drunk” on the Holy Spirit (what is he really experiencing?), a comedy stunt where he was “tokin’ on a baby Jesus” and “slosh fests”… etc… and to be honest with you, in the past I have cringed at some of these bizarre things he has done. It would have been SO easy to write him off… that is, until I heard him speak.

He gets grace. He understands the Gospel in a brilliant and unique way. It is an absolute joy to hear him talk about the depths and riches of God’s Great grace and the person of Jesus. He has quite a comical way of cutting through all the silliness and B.S. that goes on in the church. He is truly a gift to the church, and we wouldn’t have ever heard what he brings to the church if there wasn’t some controversy. Right?

Crowder wears the badge of “Hyper Grace” with pride as he explains in the first few moments of the video below. I know I will probably get flak for posting this. I’m willing to risk that and put my neck out for the chance to lure you into this Great Grace debate.

I recently reblogged Paul Ellis explaining What is Hyper Grace. It is a must read! Please visit that link and then if your interested in a serious debate on some of the issues that arise with any serious consideration of Grace then read on.

A few months ago I watched a Sid Roth video who hosted Dr. Michael Brown and made some attacks and wild claims against the “hyper grace” movement. When I heard it I perceived that John Crowder was the main person being attacked by Mr. Brown and I wanted to hear his side of the story. I was initially suckered in by Dr. Michael Browns talk and just about to apologize to the world for believing grace was so good… for about ten minutes… and then I repented of that ridiculousness.


Dr. Michael Brown could not have chosen a better person to go up against. His argument was won without even a debate because all people would have to do is google “John Crowder” see all the stir and opposition he has and dismiss him out of hand. Nothing John Crowder says will make a bit of difference because he’s eccentric. People won’t take the time to hear what he actually has to say. How many have rejected Jesus in the same way?

God created John Crowder because God must have a wild sense of humor… I actually think John is hilarious talking about little fat friar tuck bartender angels rolling out barrels so we can get hammered on the ‘Drunken glory!’. It’s like he’s part comedian, part theologian.

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3 thoughts on “The Great Grace Debate

  1. I loved this! Thank you for sharing! John Crowders talk was life changing!

  2. Just watched this and subscribed to John Crowder thanks again!

  3. “I move heavily in the I don’t care anointing” -John Crowder

    Wonderful ^_^

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