What is Hyper-Grace?

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Buzz_Hyper_smHere’s something you may not know about grace: Jesus never defined it. As far as we know, the Lord of grace who came from the throne of grace full of His Father’s grace, and from whom we have received grace upon grace, never uttered the word grace.

But He sure showed it.

Actions speak louder than words. Jesus did not come to preach grace but to be grace and He did this by loving unconditionally and forgiving indiscriminately.

Jesus hung out with crooks and conmen and hookers and tax-collectors. He ate with sinners and Pharisees and reached out to filthy foreigners. He told stories of radical grace, defended the guilty, and forgave the unrepentant. And in the greatest demonstration of love the world has ever seen, He gave up His life so that through Him we might truly live.

If grace is Jesus, what is hyper-grace?

Some say…

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