Joyeux Noël

I have performed six Christmas concerts so far this December. Todays concerts were especially interesting. At the Rehab facility there was a young man named Vang (I believe he was Hmong) who seemed very interested in my Gospel presentation. When I prayed with the group he may very well have prayed with me to receive Christ and was eager to recieve a Gospel of John. He started reading it right away. I also felt led to give him a copy of my CD and he said he was glad to meet me. I am very glad because I think we have a new member added to the family of God!

At my last concert this evening I felt impressed to share about a movie I had seen called Joyeux Noël about a three day treaty that happened on several of the frontlines of World War 1 in 1914.

Here is the trailer for this movie:

It all started with the singing of Christmas carols among the soldiers.

A man spoke up at my concert, “Yes, it’s true. My dad was there and witnessed this event.”


Please be praying for me that as I continue sharing the Gospel that many will respond and also that I continue to be led by the Holy Spirit as I was today.

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4 thoughts on “Joyeux Noël

  1. Jane Wojta

    Daniel, I so praise God for your ministry and the lives that your music and His Spirit touches, brings alive and transforms. I had the privilege of going to nursing homes with Salvation Army this week and I am so humbled by the people that God allowed me to pray with. Open hearts and faith to receive the gifts we brought and more so, those who wanted prayer. To be His mouthpiece of ministry to these precious lives is a highlight of my Christmas season. May He continue to use you in every season as you bring Jesus to ready hearts. God bless you and your beautiful family continually.

  2. Marilyn Lovett

    Looking forward to joining you soon. In my ministry a full stroke victim, usually near comatose, when I started SILENT NIGHT, she woke up and sang all 4 verses! I see her twice each month and this was amazing to the aide and me. This makes my ministry worthwhile!

  3. Bruce Engels

    Hi Daniel,
    I’m really encouraged by your blog and the stories about your music reaching out with the good news about Christ our Savior. I pray that God continues to bless you in this ministry and that the floodgates swing open for the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of many while trampling Satan under the feet of the church of the living God!
    Please pray for my efforts as well. God is still feeding me songs and words of praise. I don’t have much time to work on them but I do what is possible given current circumstances. One recent gift goes like this.
    I lift up my hands, to the one who makes them holy.
    And I stand in awe, as I look upon Your glory.
    I know that You love me despite all the things I’ve done.
    For in Your perfect mercy You have sacrificed Your Son.
    I lift up my eyes, to the God who makes them holy.
    I used to serve myself, but now I serve You fully.
    You now reign in glory and are robed in majesty.
    Every tongue and nation will fall down upon their knees.

    The song continues to lift up the mind, heart and soul. All to the One who has given it all up for our sake. Have a truly wonderful Christmas season Daniel.

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