In Search of Wonder

I realize I have become cynical of humans lately (myself included). I’m a pessimist (or perhaps a realist) and I don’t like it one bit. I have come to believe, (and I admit, perhaps I am deceived by the enemy), that we as humans are a judgmental and uncaring lot and by and large have lost our wonder.

We are also an ignorant bunch and, as I explained to my daughter today, this is absolutely fine in and of itself. We don’t know things, we aren’t aware of things and this is fine if we can admit it and remain humble and teachable and open to instruction and on to path of learning.

But the problem is this: we have the gall to be so very arrogant in our ignorance. As we “grow up” it seems for many it becomes more and more impossible to inspire us with the wonder, awe, and worship that every child is naturally gifted with. Our pride makes these impossible.

I have, however, met a few who are quite the opposite and grow more and more in wonder and awe of God and his creation and the simultaneous complexity and simplicity and beauty of life. These people enjoy life and people and themselves and most of all, God. They inspire me. I want to be on the path they are on and, thankfully, I believe I’m headed that way.

I haven’t blogged much on spiritual topics for several months because I had thought it was a waste of time. Who cares anyway whether I blog? Why try anymore to inspire others or to change hearts when people seem so stubborn and deaf to the truth? Perhaps I say this because I’ve come to know my own heart better. Perhaps I say this because I think too often of poor specimens to represent humans (perhaps I’m one of those poor specimens). And why am I so arrogant to think I was in a position to dispense enlightenment and inspiration to others anyway? I know what a capacity I have, at times, for dismissing the wonder and worship from my own life and for suppressing the glorious truth of Jesus.

BUT, I want to be inspired. I want to wonder and be in awe and truly worship God with all of my heart! And I want the same for you!

My three year old little girl Ellie helps inspire me and cause me to worship. I have been reading bible stories about Jesus to her from the Gospel of John.

My facebook post about it:

Ellies new bed time story book: The Gospel of John. We covered the story of Jesus raising Lazarus. Yesterday we covered the story when he turned water into yummy drink for the wedding celebration (it helped that she experienced some yummy drink (punch with serbert) at a wedding celebration earlier that day), and tonight the story of when Jesus drove out all the means and bads with a whip from the temple where God meant everything to be happy and loving, good and fun!

It has been so fun to excitedly act the stories out and communicate to her on her level. The other night as I put her to bed I asked if she wanted to pray. She prayed, “Jesus, please take all the means and scaries away. We love you God. You have a beautiful heart. You are the very bestest friend in all the world that I can see.”

I cried.

Yes, perhaps there is an ugliness and darkness that lives in the heart of every human and perhaps this is often distressing, frightening, saddening, and frustrating. But Jesus has a beautiful heart. He never gives up lovingly pursuing us and wooing us and trying to inspire us with themes of grace and love. He never gives up moving us toward redemption, relieving us of our profound ignorance and humbling our greatest enemy – our own pride.

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance” (1 Corinthians 13:7)

He doesn’t give up and we shouldn’t give up on each other either.

Please pray for me! Perhaps God will work wonders and inspire and enable me to serve him in unimaginable ways to inspire others to love God and recognize his beautiful heart. This is my prayer.

This topic of wonder reminds me of a man who sobbed at the sight of a rainbow. I blogged about that here:

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2 thoughts on “In Search of Wonder

  1. Wayne LeLoo

    Daniel: Keep writing! Don’t stop! I may not always comment on your blog or “like” your FB posts, but I read them and often share them with those I love. It has also been good to hear about your adventures in camping, eating edible “weeds,” and gardening. We are more than our beliefs. Praying for you. ~Wayne

  2. Beth

    Oh to have the heart of a child! Thank you for sharing yours.

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