Tony Campolo’s Birthday Party for a Prostitute

Recently I posted a beautiful story to my facebook page. It was this amazing story that Tony Campolo shared when he visited Honolulu Hawaii. He tells of how he throws a surprise party for a prostitute. Here is the story for you to enjoy:

I cried when I first heard my pastor tell the story and cried again when I shared it with a crowd (which was slightly embarrassing).

I received some flack from someone who warned me about Campolo. I don’t know much about Tony Campolo.  I responded that whatever Tony Campolo may (or may NOT) believe about certian issues, that doesn’t take away from this amazing story and example for us all of what true Christianity is all about. This story is the heart of the Gospel, the center of God’s heart for you and me. I also said that when we see Jesus face to face he probably won’t say to us, “Wow, you really hammered your doctrine out. You believe all the right things way better than most. I’m impressed!”

Rather, I believe he will say something like, “You really revealed my heart to that broken hurting person. You showed them my love and grace, just like I would have. That’s awesome, I am so proud of you!”

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