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“Raise Your Frequency Piano Tuning”

Looking for a piano tuner near the Appleton area in Northeast Wisconsin?

I’m pleased to announce that I tune pianos! I have been tuning pianos since 2017.

Price: $100 for a tuning, $50 extra for a pitch raise

Contact me to set up an appointment:


“Wonderful job! Great price too. Very pleased. Thank you!” -Dean

“Sounds good! I’m not used to a piano that’s in tune!” -Katrina

Important things to consider when hiring a piano tuner:

  1. Make sure the piano tuner that you hire has experience and knows how to achieve a stable tuning. This means that the tuner can properly set the pins and strings to hold the tune. It really isn’t good enough that it only sounds good on the day of the tuning, any average tuner can pull that off. A piano should hold its tune for at least six months. (Of course this depends greatly on how often the piano gets played, conditions such as weather and temperature fluctuations. There also can be problems with some pianos having loose pins or other defects. I have also serviced many pianos with loose pins with a pin block treatment.)
  2. If you decide to learn to tune your own piano, it can be done but will require you to do the required research and practice. You must also acquire the necessary tools which include a tuning hammer (wrench), mutes, etc…

Care for your Piano!

It’s advisable to keep your piano out of direct sunlight, on an interior (not exterior) wall away from heating vents. Getting it tuned about once a year is recommended.

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