Properly tuning a piano is impossible?

This is a fun and educational post about why equal temperament tuning is employed to compensate for the inharmonicity intrinsic to the nature of pianos.

Did you know that tuning a piano to perfect pitch is physically impossible?

I came across this fun presentation which explains why:

Equal Temperment

Equal temperament, in music, a tuning system in which the octave is divided into 12 semitones of equal size. Because it enables keyboard instruments to play in all keys with minimal flaws in intonation, equal temperament replaced earlier tuning systems that were based on acoustically pure intervals, that is, intervals that occur naturally in the overtone series.” (From:

Did you know that I now tune pianos? I would not be offering my talents if I wasn’t convinced that I can give you a piano that rings in tune for some time. In other words I am committed to a consistently deliver a stable tuning that will last.

Learn more at my Piano Tuning page at this website.

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