The Rhino who wanted to be a butterfly

Once there was a papa Rhino and I’m on Marano who had who a baby 🦏 named Robin.

One of the first memories Robin ever had was to watch beautiful blue butterflies fly ever so gracefully from Branch to Branch and from tree to tree. It’s so inspired this baby rhino that he grew up wanting to be a butterfly.

To practice his flight He would climb up on small branches of trees and jump off flap his arms. He tried it a specially if there was a wind thinking that would help. He kept trying jumping off of Ledges and small cliffs. She persisted on like this for far longer than most wood.

All of this jumping and crashing to the ground made him one of the toughest little rhinos the world has ever seen. Each new crash to the ground toughened him up.

One day baby rhino went to school still with his head in the clouds dreaming dreams of being a butterfly. Other children made fun of him for how he walked and talked and how different he was. He didn’t care because his mama papa loved him so much. And he was sure he would be accepted in the community of butterflies that he loved so dearly though he had yet to meet single one.

One day out on the playground a bunch of bully rhinos surrounded

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